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A splint


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Q: What do you need to use to protect your dislocated finger while playing basketball?
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If your lizard appears to have dislocated his finger is there anythign you can do about it?

bring him to a vet

Can you move a dislocated finger?

definitely! I have dislocated many fingers playing basketball, football and even recently doing color guard. If your finger looks funny or out of place gently grasp it and pull semi-firmly to pop back into place and then get medical help. if it doesn't pop back in get to a doctor fast because it may be broken or damaging tendons and ligaments! Good Luck!

What is the most easily dislocated joint the the body?

the most common area that gets dislocated in the body is the shoulder.

What happens when you traumatize your finger?

Depending on how hard you "traumatize" it. Your finger could be anywhere from bruised to sprained to broken to dislocated. To traumatize is to cause damage to.

How do you spin a basketball?

with your finger

what does it mean if you can hear your finger joint move?

If popping can be heard in the finger, it is possible it is only cracking the air bubbles; however, if popping can be heard as well as the finger causing pain with noticeable swelling, it is likely it is dislocated.

How does Arthritis affect sport?

Depending on where the joint dislocation is located, it may cause discomfort in your performance. For instance, basketball player with a dislocated finger, or shoulder. It may cause the players shot to be a bit "off."

What usually causes mallet finger?

Mallet finger usually occurs while playing a sport that involves a ball--for example, reaching out to catch a hard pass in basketball or bare-handing a baseball.

How do you spin a basketball on your finger?

There are a few steps to spinning a basketball on your finger. The steps go like this:Holding the ballTwisting the ballSpinning the ballPointing your finger towards the skyPutting it all togetherFor more information and a video tutorial on how to spin a basketball on your finger, view the related link below.

What do you need to do if you dislocated you finger?

Your face looks different, It will be difficult for you to close your mouth, but if you manage it you will hear/feel a click. This will then make your lips pull in and you will look like a goldfish, your voice will also go different, This happened to me recently, For info on fixing the dislocated jaw see " How to fix a dislocated jaw"

How long for dislocated finger to heal?

It takes about 3-4 weeks for a broken fingertip to heal. A full finger could take about 6 weeks. Just remember to not use it often.

What is the function of thimble?

used to protect the middle finger while hand sewing