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Many male swimmers shave their legs, armpits and chest hair to glide faster through the water.

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Q: What do you need to shave when you are a swimmer?
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What areas should a swimmer shave or wax?

they need to get a bikini wax

If your a swimmer is it normal to shave your arms?


Is it normal for a man to shave his legs?

Yes. If he's a swimmer.

Is it gay to shave your legs if you are not a swimmer?

No it isn't .. B/c most people shave there legs to run faster or swim faster.. Other just trim there legs so they can have warmth

How do you tell your mum you need to shave your armpits?

You say, "Mom, I have hairy armpits and I need to shave them." :). Then you go buy a razor and shaving cream and you SHAVE 'EM!

How do you shave an elephant?

You shouldn't shave an elephant.. They don't need to be shaved. .

How do you shave your pussy at the age 11?

Dont shave. You need to trim it

What is a hinky pinky for fruit in need of shave?

hairy berry, hairy cherry, hirsute fruit

Can you shave after you tan?

yes, but i would suggest not because you can shave off your tan. so once you shave you need to tan again.

How much swimming will you need to do to become a swimmer?

depends on what level, 10-20 hours a week, to be a full on swimmer

How do vampires shave when they cant see themselves in the mirror?

Vampires don't need to shave.

It's okay if I do not shave my legs?

It's fine by me; I don't know you and probably won't ever see them, so I don't really care whether you shave them or not. If you're a swimmer, you may want to shave ... not just your legs, but pretty much everywhere ... to reduce drag. Also, many men strongly prefer women who shave their legs to women who do not, so if that matters to you then you might want to take that into account.

Do you need education to be an Olympic Swimmer?

No you dont

Do guys shave their armpit hair?

Most of time they don't. if u saw any guys armpit that wasn't hairy they would probably be gay or a swimmer.

Do you need to go to college to become a professional swimmer?

There are not many professional swimmers. No, you do not need to go to college to be a professional swimmer. However, it would be a good idea to go to college. :)

How often does the average man shave?

The average person who does shave will shave once a day in the morning. A few of them may shave again in the evening to please their mate. Some people grow beards and don't shave at all, others will only shave when they need to shave to be presentable to certain people.

How often should you shave?

People's hair grows a different speeds. Also hair on different parts of the body grows at different speeds. For instance some men need to shave their beards only once a day others may need to shave twice a day and women may only need to shave their legs once a week.

What does a swimmer need to have in their diet?

BIG TIME carbs

Why does a swimmer need a mesomorph body?

cauz its kool

Do students need to shave?

It depends on the local standards at the school. I would say in general men and boys who need to shave should. Maybe 1 day of stubble is OK. Women and girls have the choice to shave legs/armpits or not.

When do you shave your under arms and down there?

You should shave your underarms when ever the hair is really noticeable. As for "down there" you don't really have to shave there, but if you want to, then shave whenever you feel you need to. You should shave whenever you want to do so, as long as hair grow, then, shave it. As for "down there", if you want your partner spend more quality time on it, please please do shave it

How do you ask your mom to shave your legs?

You just tell her like "Mom i need to start to shave my legs that's what i did"

How do you convince your parents to let you shave?

i think you should just do what your heart tells you and tell your parents that you need to shave

When do you know you have to shave your legs?

When the hair gets so long that you feel embarrassed. That's when you need to shave your legs.

If you shave your upper lip is it puberty?

Puberty is what brings on facial hair so if you need to shave you are def in puberty.