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Q: What do you need to make a solder in the golden goblet?
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Can stainless steel be soldered?

You can solder stainless steel parts together, but you cannot use it as solder. You would need to use silver bearing solder. Also you need a torch, you will not be able to use a simple solder pen as it doesn't produce enough heat.

Do you need to use solder for an Xbox controller?


Need info on old copper goblet with symbols?

need help with old symbols on and copper goblet found at estate auction. seems 2b real old

What primary colors make golden brown?

Green and red make brown and it can be lightened by the addition of white but to make it golden brown soem yellow would need to be added.

How do you stolder?

Solder. You'll need a soldering iron, for starters.

What points on the back of the instrument cluster do you need to solder on my 95 neon?

Solder all the pins connected to the two large plugs, there is about 20 or so connection, just solder them all on the back of board.

Is it possible to solder dress making pins together?

Yes. However, you will not use lead based solder as it is to soft. It would need to use "silver solder" and a small, high energy gas torch - If the pins are end on the weld will be rather fragile

Why does solder need to have a low melting point?

Solder needs a low melting point to protect heat seaitive componanats from damage. Also, in plumbing, solder is more liquid when applied, thus it distrinutes more evenly making a better seal

How do you breed a mule from a horse and a donkey on minecraft?

You will need to feed the horse and donkey either a Golden Carrot or Golden Apple. A baby mule will be born between them after they are done breeding. To make a Golden Carrot, you will need to place one carrot in the center with Gold Nuggets surrounding it on the Crafting Table. The crafting method is nearly the same for the Golden Apple, but instead of nuggets, they will need to be replaced with Golden Ingots.

Does bread pudding need egg?

Yes, it is a must as it helps make it rise and golden brown.

Can you use a curling iron to solder?

No, curling irons can only reach 200F to 300F, to melt solder you need to reach at least 600F (which would catch hair on fire!).

Why do plumbers use flux?

You need flux to solder pipes properly. However many modern plumbers never solder, they use plastic or composite pipe like PEX.