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Making as Bat roller.

You will need someone who can weld and small amount of mechanical skills.

First you need about 24" of 1/4" x 4" Flat bar mild steel cut to 3 pecies 2@ 9" 1@ 6"(weld to shape a horseshoe, or U-shape). cut hole near bottom in-line for the 3/4" rod and roller

1 Peice of plate/flat bar 10"x10" (base). Weld large u-shape to base. (centered)

Next you will need 3 peices of 1/4" x 2" flat bar, two cut to 3" and 1 cut to 5" (weld to shap a horseshoe or U-shape). cut holes in-line for the roller. this will house the smaller inner roller. the top roller.

Next you will need 3 peices of 3/4" round bar, 2 cut to 12" each, 1 cut to 10". these are to make your handles for your rollers. welded to make a t-shape or handle

Then you will need 1 more peice of 3/4" threaded bar, cut to 12", also one nut to fit the threaded bar. nut should be 1-1/8" o.d. these are to use for your pressure rods. to apply needed pressure to desired bats. using the other 3/4 solid rod make a t-shape or handle. the rod needs to move up and down without turning the roller. so I recommend using a series of washers and housing the roller so that the rod moves up and down while spinnig but the roller only move up and down.

Two flange bearings 3/4" i.d. 2 bolt flanges. (you can get these at your local autoparts or bearing/hyd. shop)

Two Polyurethane or metal (metal not recommended) rollers 3/4" i.d. 2"to 2-1/2" o.d. 1 cut to fit inside the large horseshoe. the other cut to fit inside your small horseshoe. these are your pressure rollers. the large while stay stationary,on the bottom. the smaller will move up and down with desired pressure. the top roller.

some hardware to mount your bearings, and some pins, washers or bushings for your rollers. the roller on top needs to move up and down without rotating the roller. (straight up, straight down). the large roller stays put with the 3/4" rod just able to roll. applying pressure with the top roller and rolling with the bottom roller.

If you can picture a old clothes press, the ones they used for 'ringing-out' or washing clothes. basically two rolling pins sandwiching a bat, to break loose the molecules of the Baseball/softball bat walls. 'breaking in'.

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Q: What do you need to make a softball bat roller Does anyone know what thread pitch the threaded rod is Also what material is used for the rollers Is it UHMW or Poly Urethane and what hardness?
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