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Since it has weaver rails, all you need are Weaver scope rings. An offset mount will help too.

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Q: What do you need to install a paintball scope on your MR1 Paintball gun?
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Does every paintball gun need railing for scopes?

Yes. without rails there is nothing to mount the scope (and scope rings) to.

Do you need license for paintball gun?

You do not need a firearms lisence for a paintball gun.

Do you need permit for paintball guns?

There are no permits for paintball guns.

Can you put a regular scope on a spyder mr1 paintball marker?

No. You need an offset rail or the sight will be blocked by the hopper.

Is it legal to shoot a paintball gun in your backyard in Winnipeg?

No, it is not illegal to shoot a paintball gun in any state. You don't even need a license to shoot a paintball gun in any state. No, it is not illegal to shoot a paintball gun in any state. You don't even need a license to shoot a paintball gun in any state.

Is paintball gear safe?

Paintball gear is what keeps you safe in paintball. The mask is the only truly crucial piece you need to play paintball (meaning you can walk onto a field without a gun, or tank or paint).

Do you need to get a paintball co2 tank to fire the brass eagle paintball gun or can you just pull back the knob?

you need Co2 to fire any paintball gun, it is what physically moves the ball out of the barrel.

Where do you get a license for a paintball field?

You would need zoning permits and insurance to open a paintball field.

Why do you need CO2 bottles for paintball guns?

Co2 (or sometimes High Pressure air) is what operates the paintball gun. The compressed Co2 is what physically moves the paintball out of the barrel as it expands. It is also what resets the mechanical parts on semi-automatic paintball guns. Without Co2 you cannot operate a paintball gun.

Do you need a different hopper for different paintball guns?

No, all paintball hoppers have a standard neck size.

How much force does a paintball gun have?

.291 Newtons and 13.06 joules, enough to need a paintball mask.

Can a felon have paintball gun in Missouri?

There is no background checks for paintball guns in the US. All you need to prove you are at least 18.

On paintball guns What do the CO2 Systems do and why do you need them?

On a paintball gun C02, or High pressure air is necessary. It is compressed air that, when the trigger is pulled and the marker fires, propels the paintball out of the barrel.

Does direct buy sell paintball guns?

No. Direct buy is a funiture store therefore they have no need to sell paintball goods. try look for local paintball stores or even online.

Do you need a permit to have a paintball marker in new york?

There is no place in the US that requires a permit/license for paintball markers.

Do you need to charge your 09 spyder sonix paintball gun?

no. only if the title of your paintball marker says "electra"

Do you need any permits for a paintball marker in California?

The owning and operation of a paintball marker does not require any permits.

Does your paintball gun need co2 to be semi-automatic?

A paintball gun needs CO2 (or HPA) to fire at all.

What are the paintball laws in Colorado?

Currently the only law is that you need to be 18 to buy one. Paintball is legal on national forest land.

What is a good but cheap 20 or less paintball sniper scope with a crosshair not dot sight?

There are no "good" scopes for that price. If you haven't the money to buy a decent scope, odds are you don't need one.

What gear do you need to go paintballing?

The very basics are: A paintball mask, paintballs, A paintball gun, an air tank, and a hopper.

Can you attach a paintball hopper to the JT paintball marker ER2 pistol?

Yes. you may need a neck adapter though.

Cheap but good paintball scopes not dot sight?

Truthfully, You don't really need an optical zoom site. A red dot is the most you need for paintball. Paintball markers arn't accurate enough to utilize a optical zoom site correctly.

Do you need a paintball gun license?

There is no licence required to own/play paintball. You must be 10 to play, and 18 to buy almost anything related to paintball.No, there is no permit or license required to purchase or operate a paintball marker. However you must be at least 18 to buy one.

Do you need a license to have a paintball gun?