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A healthy breakfast. I play Netball and I always have a fresh fruit salad

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Q: What do you need to eat for breakfast if your a netball player?
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Why do you need to eat breakfast?

To start your metabolism

What do Italians eat for breakfast?

Italians do not usually eat a substantial breakfast but substitute it with some form of coffee or expresso. Children generally will have cereal, as they need more energy to grow.

Why do Japanese eat rice for breakfast?

because they need something to fill their stomach

How do you say to eat breakfast in spanish?

to eat breakfast = desayunar

What Sikhs eat for breakfast?

Sikhs eat food for breakfast

Why is it better to eat fruit before breakfast instead of after breakfast?

I doubt it makes a difference in your life. I have to eat fruit before breakfast, while my friend its fruit after breakfast. As long as you eat fruit, its all good. But possibly you get more nutrition from the fruit when you eat it before breakfast.

Should you eat a lot of cereal on a diet?

Not necessarily. What you do need to eat is breakfast, EVERYDAY. Cereal could be a part of your nutritional breakfast but also consider some orange juice and sliced fruit or yogurt.

What did the colonists eat for breakfast lunch and dinner?

what did the colonists eat breakfast

How do you say do you eat breakfast in spanishs?

Comes desayuno = Do you eat breakfast

If you don't eat breakfast you feel weak and have a harder time concentrating why is that?

Breakfast gives you the nutrients and protein you need for the day, so when you don't eat breakfast, you have a lack of energy, and may feel weak. medical mayhem answer: low blood sugar

What should you do if you have diarrhea?

if i have diarrhea what t eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner i need help

Is breakfast a compulsory meal?

Breakfast is not legally or medically compulsory; you will not be arrested by the police for not eating breakfast, nor will you suddenly die of starvation if you fail to eat breakfast. It is up to you, whether you do or do not wish to eat breakfast. You are likely to feel more energetic in the morning if you do eat breakfast.

Is it good to eat breakfast?

Yes it is good to eat breakfast and it is a must. And it is bad if one does not eat breakfast A GOOD AND ENERGETIC DAY STARTS WITH A GOOD BREAKFAST.

What is the importance of a healthy breakfast?

It gives you the energy you need for the rest of the day. If you don't eat breakfast, your stomach acids will eat away at the walls of your stomach. An example of a healthy breakfast would be An egg with wheat toast with butter, milk, orange juice, bacon, yogurt, and strawberries. At least that's what I have.

How long before a netball game should i eat eggs?

One should eat eggs 20-30 mins before a netball game.

What do people eat in Greece for breakfast?

They eat eggs, and green goods for breakfast or they eat fruits and vegetables for breakfast. They drink juice, milk, and coffee in the morning.

What did you eat in breakfast tell whether right or wrong?

It should be 'what did you eat for breakfast?'

What do Muslims have for breakfast?

They eat what any other person would eat for breakfast.

When do Jamaicans eat breakfast?

they eat breakfast mostly in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon.

What does Ponyboy and his brothers eat for breakfast?

He loved to eat Chocolate cake for breakfast.

Where Italians eat breakfast usually?

We eat our breakfast in the kitchen or if we are not at home in a Caffetteria.

What do the Arabic people eat for Breakfast?

Egyptians eat fool (beans) for breakfast.

When was Eat Raw for Breakfast created?

Eat Raw for Breakfast was created in 2009.

How did breakfast become breakfast?

Breakfast is the first thing you eat after a fast.

Is it bad not to eat breakfast?

it is real bad to not eat breakfast. take it from someone who knows it. breakfast is your energy in the morning. you may not be hungry, but you should still eat.