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Q: What do you measure between the distance of home and school?
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What can you measure by kilometres?

The distance between cities The distance from home to work The circumference of the world

What metric unit of measurement would you use to measure the distance from your home to your school?

time taking to walk

What metric tool would you use to find the distance between your school and home?


What is the major difference between distance and displacement?

Distance is the total length covered by an object, regardless of its direction. Displacement is the change in position of an object in a specific direction from its starting point. Distance is a scalar quantity, while displacement is a vector quantity.

What distance do you travel when you go to school?

Your home is a certain distance away from your school. Nobody but you or someone who knows where you live and what school you go to can identify how long or the distance to your school. Therefore you would need to record the time it takes and the speed you're traveling at to calculate the distance or speed between you and your school!You can use online calculators to help you do this.

How do you measure a home run?

In a standard softball field, the distance from home plate to first base is 60 feet. To physically measure this distance, we use a long, windup tape measure. Note: The distance between any of the bases is 60 feet. From the tip of home plate to the far side or back of the 1st base bag.

What is the Asa rules distance between home plate and second base?

84' 10 1/4" (25.86m) This measure is from the back tip of home plae to the middle of secondbase.

What is the distance between second and home?

The distance of 90 feet (between home and first) is the distance of the middle of the plate and the middle of first base.

What units do you use when you are measuring the distance between home and school?

Depends how far away they are. I'd say miles/kilometers depending on where you live.

Personal par is a measure of how you perform what?

At home, golf and school

Distance between home plate and the pitcher for girls softball youth 12?

40ft in high school, as of now.... 43 in college right now and soon to be high school

What school Bindi Irwin go to?

She is Home Schooled through Brisbane School of Distance Education.