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It means that it was intercepted like in football.

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The word "passing" means to hand the ball of to another player.

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Q: What do you mean by the word passing in basketball?
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What does the word transitory mean?

Not permanent, passing onward.

What does basketball mean in German?

Basketball means nothing in German. Basketball is an English word. The word derived from the fact that you shoot a ball into a basket to score.

What is passing - in basketball?

Passing is when you give the ball to another player, usually by tossing it to them.

What does le basket mean?

This is a franglais word. It means "basketball".

What does slammerific mean?

The word is not recognised as a proper English word.

What is the meaning of the word intersect?

The word "intersect" has 2 meanings. It can mean divide something by passing or lying across it. It can also mean two or more things passing or lying across each other.

What are the major in basketball?

The major things in basketball are: Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Fitness, Footwork, TEAMWORK. :)

What does shot mean in basketball?

The word shot in basketball or (NBA) means an attempt to score either two or three points.

How to become a basketball player?

You have to practice on your dribbleing,passing,and shooting.

Does the word inheritance mean the passing of traits from one generation to the next?

No. The word you are looking for is genetics. Inheritanceis the practice of passing on property, titles, debts, and obligations upon the death of an individual.

Definition of basketball skills?

The definition of basketball skills is different things a basketball can do. Some skills a basketball player does is dribbling, throwing, passing, jumping, shooting and running.

Is the word basketball a noun?

Yes, the word basketball is a singular, common, compound noun; an abstract noun as the word for the game basketball; a concrete noun as the word for the ball for basketball. The noun basketball is a word for a thing.