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athletics, running around, competition

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Q: What do you mean by sports?
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What does stanza mean in sports?

stanza mean in sports

What do you mean by zero sports?

zero sports is a sports Brand name

What does sports enthusiast mean?

A sports fan. Someone who likes sports.

What does annual sports meet mean?

Sports day

What does sports excellence mean?

It is someone who is excellent at sports

What does water sports mean?

Sports that has got to do with water.

What are the different types of sport?

Well, depending on what you mean, there are ball sports, team sports, strength sports, wind sports, endurance sports, snow sports, athletics, target sports.

What is pop sports?

POP:it stands for popular so pop sports mean popular sports

What sports do they say in France?

in France they say many different sports but do you mean what sports do the play in France?

What does seeding mean in sports?

seeding in sports means how the teams are ranked

Sports played by colleges are called what?

College sports...not sure what you mean by the question

What does crash mean in water sports terms?

Crash means to kill a wave in water sports.

What is the best sports game?

all sports are great so it depends on what u mean by what is the best sports game?

What does el polideportivo mean?

It's a sports centre. 'Poli' = many, 'deportivo' = sports, i.e. a place to play many sports.

What does confidence mean in sports?

In sports, confidence means beleiving in yourself and being an optomist.

What does seed mean in sports?

It means 'a sports ranking' puting players in order of proficiency

What does intensity mean in sports?

What intensity means in sports is to have great energy, concentration and vehemence.

What does official mean in sports?

Official means that it is final and tabulated by some type of sports authority.

What does extreme sports mean?

it means hard sports like harder running courses and stuff

What does it mean when for children's sports to be less?

less childrens sports like less teams and stuff

What does the acronym SPORTS mean referring to a sports?

Slap, pull, observe, release, tap, and shoot

What does endorsements in sports mean?

Endorsements are deals signed by sports figures to represent a product for pay.

What does deportes mean in Spanish?


What does sportsfest mean?

Sports Festival

What does science in sports mean?

science in sports is determining the speed of the ball with your power. sports are not about hitting as hard as you can, its also about hitting it with perfect combination of accuracy and strength.