What do you mean by background?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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background is what you find in the back of an area (the back of a scene)

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Q: What do you mean by background?
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What does background mean?

bacground means a background of something

What does scientific background mean?

it means your background for your research

What does migrant background mean?


What does BG mean on Twitter?


How do you say 'like the background' in Hebrew?

If you mean "similar to the background": kemo hareka (כמו הרקע) If you mean "I like the background"" ani ohev/ohevet et hareka (אני אוהב/אוהבת את הרקע)

What do people mean by a person's background?

It means their heritage their background where their family came form like my background I'm from Florida and Haiwi

What does economical background mean?

Economical background means what your background is money wise. How much you make a year, your credit score, etc...

What does background information mean in science fair project?

Background info is basically an introduction to the project.

What does background evidence mean?

It's evidence where sufficient background is required to understand the laws of nature.

What does a green flag on a employment background mean?

Dose it mean go

What does fondor mean in English?

It means background

What does vetted mean?

To be vetted is to have your background checked.