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To become a scout member of a youth organization, join the organization of your choice by filling out an application form, having your parent or guardian sign it, and pay the dues. You also have to agree to abide by the organizations rules.

If you want to become a scout for a sports team, you need to get training of some kind. Many sport scouts are former players or coaches.

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Q: What do you have to do to become a Scout?
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How do you become an NFL Scout?

Take an NFL scout course.

How much is it to become a scout?

The amount varies depending on what kind of scout you want to be.

Where did scout become mature in the last year?

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Do you need an arrow of light to become an eagle scout?

No. The Arrow of Light is a Cub Scout award and is has no impact on Boy Scout advancement.

How do you become a talent scout for a sports team?

you have to play for a sports team to become a talent scout it takes years of experience, you have to eye the best players from high school and college

Why does scout become annoyed with dill?

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Can you be a scout on LOTR conquest ds?

No you cant become a scout on the ds version you can only be a ranger melee or mage.

What must a marine do to become a scout sniper?

Volunteer and apply for Scout Sniper school, be accepted, and pass training.

Where do you go to become a football scout in London?


When did Neil Armstrong become an Eagle Scout?

In 1947.

Why to become a boy scout?

Don't it's boring

Why does the teacher become annoyed with scout?

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How do you become a juliette in girl scouts?

In Girl Scouts of the USA, a Juliette Girl Scout is a Girl Scout who is not a member of a Girl Scout Troop or Group. In order to become a Juliette you register for Girl Scouts and then let the membership registration person know that you want to be a Juliette Girl Scout. A Girl Scout can also become a Juliette when there are no longer have enough girls to have a troop or there isn't an adult willing to volunteer to be the troop or group leader. Again, let the membership registration person for your area or your Girl Scout council that you would like to be a Juliette. In other Girl Guide and Girl Scout organizations, they are known as Lone Scouts.

How do you become a sailor Scout?

To find out more about becoming a Sea Scout visit the link under 'Sources and related links' (below)

How do you become a football scout?

go to scouts and play football

What can you do after retirment from professional soccer?

You can become a coach, a manager, or a scout.

How old must you be to become a Girl Scout leader?

you have to be 18.

What year were females allowed to become scout leaders?


When were females allowed to become scout leaders?

yes, I'm a scout and I've seen many of them, even in my old pack, and some in my troop

How old do you have to be to become a Daisy Girl Scout?

For Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), Daisy Girl Scouts are in Kindergarten or grade 1. This means that you must be at least 5 years old to become a Daisy Girl Scout.

What college degree do you need to become an NBA scout?

Sports management

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Cub Scout is to eagle Scout as rookie it to?

Hall of Famer Less than 2% of all boy scouts become Eagles

How do you become a Cub Scout den mother?

In the Boy Scouts of America the position of den mother created in 1930 and was retitled den leader and opened to men in 1967. To become a den leader you must register with a Cub Scout pack.