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The first place prize cheque, a Green Jacket, a life time exemption to the Masters, and a five year exemption to all the Majors for the next 5 years.

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Q: What do you get for winning the Masters Tournament?
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What was winning purse 1986 masters golf tournament?


What are the perks of winning the Masters golf tournament?

one million

What is the cash prize for winning the masters golf tournament?


Who has played in the most Masters golf tournaments without ever winning the tournament?

tom locke

Why does the winner of the Masters Golf Tournament get the 'Green Jacket'?

It is a tradition of the Masters Golf Tournament since 1949. The green coat is the official attire of the Augusta National Golf Club. When players win the Masters they become members of the exclusive club for a lifetime. For a year after winning the Masters the champion keeps the jacket. After that they return it to the club where it stays until they return to play. The winner of the tournament in the previous year puts the jacket on the new winner by tradition.

Why is the masters golf tournament called the masters?

because they are all masters at golf

What is the font on the caddy's jumpsuit at the Masters golf tournament?


When did the masters begin?

The Masters Tournament was first played in 1934.

Where can someone get tickets to The Masters tournament?

One looking to purchase tickets to the "Masters" golf tournament can do so at a variety of websites. Including but not limited to "Masters" and "gotickets".

Are Azaleas at the masters tournament?


How much do masters golf tournament tickets cost?

Tickets to the Masters Tournament (when you can find them) can be anywhere between $1500 and $12,000.

How old is the Masters Golf Tournament?

The Masters was first played in 1934. From 1943 to 1945 the tournament was cancelled due to WWII.

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