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File a police report with the department where it happened. If you don't know where it happened, contact your local police.

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If your license plates get stolen, you should report the theft to the police immediately. You should also contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to inform them of the theft and request new license plates. It's important to take these steps quickly to protect yourself from any potential misuse of the stolen plates.

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Q: What do you do when your license plates get stolen?
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What is the charge for stolen license plates?

The charge for stolen license plates can vary depending on the specific circumstances and jurisdiction. In general, it is considered a serious crime as it involves theft and potential misuse of someone else's property. Penalties may range from fines to potential jail time, especially if the stolen plates are used in the commission of another crime. Consult with local law enforcement or legal resources for accurate information relevant to a specific situation.

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How do you get your license plates back after your car is repossessed?

In Mississippi the plates remain with the car. You need to call the bank. They will give them to you most likely. File a stolen report and sue the lender in court.They do not have a right to your plates nor your personal propery.SUE THE BANK/LENDER NOT THE REPO MORON !!! You should Report The Plates Stolen and if someone gets cought with them That will be on the bank or the person that lent them out In Georgia the plates are to be returned to the debtor. they dont stay with the car anymore

Can you get in trouble if someone gets in an accident using your plates?

You can But If the plates were stolen, you could but shouldn't, the key is reporting the plates stolen But If you lent them to a friend and the police figure it out you will

Who pays fine for expired license plates in Indiana?

The owner of the car must pay for the license plates fines. It is illegal to drive with expired license plates.

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In most states, the only way to obtain a legal license plates for your vehicle is through the department of motor vehicles. However, if your searching for novelty license plates as a collectors item, look no further than the websites Larry's License Plates and Plates USA.

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