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If they are that close most rules officials will allow one of the golfers to mark his ball to let one of the two golfers hit his/her ball then allow the person who marked their ball to hit.

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Q: What do you do if your golf ball lies in front of another players ball?
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When a golf ball hits another players ball on the fairway what should happen?

any ball struck by another ball must be replaced as close to its original position as possible. Tricky when players are 150yds away!

Why are there numbers on a golf ball?

Numbers on a golf ball are there to help players identify their golf ball. As many players play the same brand the number will let them know if the ball is theirs or not.

What is a golf ball marker?

Usually a thin coin shaped object which is placed just behind the golf ball when you are on the green so you can remove your ball, and get out of another players way. Some have initials and some have pictures on them.

Fore in golf?

This is a very important term in golf. A player must yell this when they have shanked a shot or see that their is a group of players in front of them that may be in the directed path of the ball.

What do golf players yell when the golf ball is in the air?

Fore, it they think it will hit someone.

Why do they say fore when you hit a golf ball?

Only if it was going to hit or come close to hitting another group of players.

Why does wwwpgatourcom only show when players use titleist golf ball?

This is because Titleist has agreements in place with PGATOUR.COM and The Golf channel that they will indicate which players use a Titleist ball.

What do the numbers on a golf ball mean?

the number on golf balls doesn't mean anything to the ball like the performance and stuff, but what it does is it helps players recognise there ball.

What does fore mean?

In the sport of golf, when another play shouts the word "fore" it is a warning for the other players to move out of the way. This means that the golf ball is coming and it might hit them or get in the way.

How do you warn other players of an approaching ball in golf?

yell "FORE" as loud as you can!

Another word for golf ball holders?

A Tee.

What is another name for the dimples on a golf ball?


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