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if your friend is ignoring u dont get upset if there a true friend u wont be mad at each other forever or try very calmly to ask why she is ignoring u they may not relize it.

Yes girls are very up and down so ask them why they are ignoring you. If they dont tell you find another group of friends to hang out with. Remember your not alone

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Q: What do you do if your friend is ignoring you?
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What should you do if your friend is ignoring you?

First of all, you should know why your friend is ignoring you. Better yet, ask your friend. If it is your fault why he/she s ignoring you, say sorry, and just do your best. I hope this helps. ;)

Why is your best friend ignoring you and not returning your calls?

My best friend ISN"T ignoring me.!

How do you know if a friend is not being a true friend?

you know if your friend is somewhat ignoring you, bothering you, or treating you in an inexcusable manner. For Example: they might be taking stuff from you or ignoring you.

Your boy friend is ignoring you?

Slap him

Why is my ex friend ignoring me All the time I don't get it?

One of the major reasons that an ex-friend is ignoring you is because they do not want to talk to you anymore.

What do you tell your friend who likes the same guy that you like who has been ignoring your calls?

If your so called "friend" has been ignoring you and not returning your calls that would indicate they are trying to avoid you and not much of a friend.

Is Alex a babe?

No he is ignoring me. im not his friend

What do you do if if your friend is ignoring you?

You have to try harder to make him or her to communicate with you.

Friend ignoring you?

well if she's ignoring youmaybe she's going through a phase were she's only atracted to the boyfriend.

How do I start talking to my friend who is pissed at me for jumping on her about ignoring me when she wasn't and now she is even more pissed at me because I keep ignoring her. Now she is ignoring me.?

What should i say. question mark

What do you do if your friend is ignoring you and you think shes secretly being your friend?

ignor him/her back ans said to him/her you not my friend no more or ask him/her why you ignorring me.

What do you do if a girl is always ignoring you and she tells you she doesn't want to talk to you but her best friend is really nice to me and asked me if I still like her or not?

== == The girl friend i love were ignoring me,she use to talk me very few times

Why would a guy answer my friend and tell her she is cute but ignores me?

Even though this young man is rude by ignoring you he finds your friend cute and may be interested in her and hoping for a date and is unaware he is ignoring you.

What if your friend does not listen to you?

If a friend is not listening to you they are not ignoring you they are probably just busy or maybe in a rush so just wait for them to finish then ask them. If this is a problem that you are crying with or really sad and they are not listening to you then they are not a good friend at all and you should take advise from another friend then that friend might realise that she/he has being ignoring you and come back and probably help you.

Why is she ignoring you?

if she is your friend and she is ignoring you then that means that she is mad at you but if she is your girlfriend then that means she isn't in to you anymore and she wants to break up *Funky Monkey 21*

How do you make your friend say sorry to you?

You ignore them and when they ask u why u r ignoring them then u tell them and keep ignoring them until they as sorry DO NOT GIVE IN

If your friend is not picking up her phone what does that mean?

Either that she is too busy to answer or that she is ignoring you.

How can you get this girl who is mean to you to like you in a friend way?

Start ignoring her meaness towards you

Why is your friend ignoring you and what can you do to get her attention?

its probably because you fu****g suck d***. just ask your friend why instead of asking the internet!

How do you make a annoying friend go away?

If he/she is your friend then it's easy to say them that you are annoying me please go away right now if he/she is not your friend then ignoring is the best option.

One of your friends ditches you for your ex bff she rarely talks to you and ignores you If you drop her as a friend for being a bad friend does that make a you a worse friend?

Not at all. If she is ignoring you, then obviously she isn't a good friend. I don't mean to sound harsh. but if she's ignoring you, then she's made the choice to dump you. She's being a bad friend and dumping her is just a way to protect yourself from further heartache she may cause you.

What do you do if your friend is a jerk?

Maybe try to talk to him/she and if he/she keeps ignoring you tell a friend to ask why he/she is being a jerk is it because you ate the last Whooper? Or you tried asking him/she that you like him? Wherever it is just say your sorry then if he/she KEEPS ignoring you then you know they are not true best buddies

Friends ignoring me for no reason and seems that there's a spotlight on another friend?

Spotlight on another friend? Is that friend hurt, or did something exciting happen in her life? Maybe that's why she is getting more attention. But if they are just ignoring you just because, then get new friends. Don't stick around, they will keep ignoring you; some friends just aren't meant to last. If they can't appreciate you for who you are, they aren't worth it.

How do you talk to a female friend that i had begun to have a close relationship with then she starts ignoring you?

well if I have a freind that YOU have a close relationship with, and she's ignoring ME, well I hope she's happy with you. If you have a friend that you're becoming close to, and she starts ignoring you, talk to her. In a relationship, open communication is always helpful. Ask her the questions that are on your mind (starting with the word "I" if possible), and accept her answer whatever it is.

What should you do if your best friend who is also your only friend hangs out with someone who intimidates you and makes you mad?

Either try ignoring the person your friend hangs out with or try making new friends.

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