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If your ball is in the way on the putting green, you would normally use a ball marker!

simply just place the ball marker behind the Golf ball on the green, then pick your golf ball up.

if the ball marker is still in the way of the other players line, you are allowed to move the ball marker, 1 or 2 putter heads, but you need to make sure that you move it back to where it was, otherwise it's a stroke penalty.

once the other player has putted out, you may out your ball down in front of the ball marker, and then pick the marker up.

now you can put !

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Q: What do you do if your ball is in the way on the putting green?
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Can you chip a ball that is already on the putting green?


What is the penalty if when putting on the green you hit the pin which is laying off the green?

Two shot penalty and the realization that your putting is so bad you cannot keep the ball on the green.

What is putting?

Putting is a term in golf where the player usually on the green tries to put the ball in the hole, using a putter.

What do you do if your ball lies in the way of another player's shot on the putting green?

You place a coin behind your ball, if they played away and hit your ball they would receive a two shot penalty- they would then have to play their ball as it lies and you would have to replace your ball.

Are you allowed to hit your opponents ball while putting in match play without penalty?

Only if you were off the green when your ball hit your opponents ball. If you were on the green and you hit their ball then in matchplay the penalty is loss of the hole.

Where can you move your golf ball with your hands?

Once you are on the putting surface i.e the green, you are permitted to mark your ball, clean it and replace it.

What golf ball is best for putting?

The best ball for putting is one that is perfectly balanced, so it'll stay on line. But golf balls aren't really advertised in this way. And no golf ball is marketed as a ball for putting. Most golf balls are very good for putting, but the premium ball ranges will be softer.

What club is best to use on a putting green?

Use a putter on putting green. Use wedges or a two way chipper around the greens.

Why do golfers mark their ball putting green?

They mark their ball out of courtesy for other players as if one player on the green hits the ball of another they receive a two shot penalty. It is also so the player can clean his ball and line it up.

If a ball on the putting green moves without being addressed?

Play it as it lies. There is only a problem if you address the ball. And of course, addressing the ball is only when the putter is grounded.

Where could one get backyard putting green?

A backyard putting green can be found online at American Turf and Carpet, Birdie Ball, Grass Forever, Backyard Putting Greens, and Turf Avenue. A specialty store may also carry this item.

What happens when your golf ball lands on the wrong green?

According to the PGA rule 25.b.3: If the ball lies on the putting green, the player must lift the ball and place it, without penalty, at the nearest point of relief that is not in a hazard.

If your golf ball has mud on it while its in the faireway what do you do?

Play the ball as it lies, you are only allowed to mark and clean your ball when you are on the putting surface (green). You would receive a two shot penalty if you cleaned your ball.

Can you mark your ball if it is off the green if it is in the way of your partner?

Yes you can mark a ball anywhere except in a sandtrap

How do you beat civiballs Christmas edition level 5 at home?

You cut the green ball all the way to the left, then cut the silver ball (first the left string, then the right), then cut the red one. The silver ball will go under the spoon. Now cut the green ball all the way to the right. Then the green ball all the way to the left. (first the left string, and then the right).

Putting and hitting the pin and penalty?

If you are on the green, and you are putting, if the pin is in the hole and you strike it with the ball, you receive a two shot penalty in stroke play or loss of hole in matchplay. You must also play the ball as it lies, so if the ball is holed, it is counted as holed (don't forget the penalty) If the pin is set at the side of the green and you hit it, the penalty is still the same.

What is the rule on hitting another golfers ball on the greens?

If an opponents ball is struck by your ball on the green while putting fom on the green his ball is replaced as close as is possible to its original position and you are charged with a one stroke penalty. If your ball is off the green and you hit his ball their is no penalty but his ball is to be replaced as close to possible to its original position. If the ball is not replaced and then played that player will be then be required to replace it back to its original spot and charged 2 stroke penalty.

What is the purpose of golf ball markers?

A gold ball marker has the purpose of marking where the ball was on a putting green when the ball has to be picked up. It is usually the size of a coin and is placed behind the golf ball before the ball is picked up. The ball in then placed in front of the marker on the original spot.

What is the penalty for not removing the pin in golf?

If you are on the green putting, and your ball strikes the pin in the hole or the ball is holed you receive a two shot penalty (Stroke play) and you play the ball as it lies. Or loss of hole in matchplay.

In golf what do you call the area of putting?

On each hole, it's just the green. The practice putting area is called the putting green.

If a golfer made a tee shot and the ball landed short of the green. An animal came along and placed the ball in it's mouth and moved it to putting position. where would the ball be placed?

back to the aproximate position of the ball before it was moved by the animal

Best way to catch Suicune in Pokemon leaf green?

Use a master ball.

Golf pairs matchplay can your partner leave his ball on the putting surface and allow you to putt whilst off putting surface?

Yes, but obviously if it is in your way you can ask them to mark it.

In golf what do you call the area for putting called?

This is called a putting green. It can also be called a practice green.

What two things are fundamental to good putting?

Striking the ball squarely with the face of the putter is essential to holing the ball. However, you must know the lie of the green in order to determine your shot's direction.