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That is called a double dribble.

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Q: What do you call when you dribble the ball then stop and dribble the ball again?
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What is the foul when you dribble stop then dribble again?

Double Dribble

What does it mean to double dribble in basketball?

A player who is dribbling the ball is "alive". But if you stop dribbling, and hold it up with 2 hands "dead". then if you dribble again, that's Double Dribble.

In basketball what does double dribble mean?

When you dribble the ball, stop and hold it, then continue dribbling. Or when u dribble the ball with two hands :)

What is a double dribbble in basketball?

A double dribble is when the person with the ball picks up the ball and stops dribbling it. After the person stops dribbling the ball, the person starts again without another person handling the ball. A legal dribble must never stop. The ball must be continually bounced and once the ball stops bouncing the player can not dribble again.

What is double dribble in basketball terms?

double dribble is a basketball term it means to dribble ( bouncing the ball while running) thethe ball then stop bouncing the ball and start dribbling again. It can also mean to bounce the ball with 2 hands but that hardly ever happens

What are the two types of double dribbles in basketball?

The first Double Dribble is when you start dribbling and then stop, and then start dribbling again. The second double dribble is when you dribble the ball simultaneously with both hands and when you dribble from right to left every dribble.

Why you have to pass the ball when playing basketball?

you do not have to pass the ball, but you do if you stop your dribble

What are the rules for single handed dribble in basketball?

If you dribble with one hand you don't have any rules other than: If you hold the ball and move it is travelling. If you stop dribbling then start again it will be a double dribble. I hope this helps narrow it down

Is it double dribble in basketball when you pick up the ball and start dribbling?

a double dribble is when you start dribbling than you stop to try to pass the ball to another player and you can not see anyone to pass it to than you just start dribbling again it is a double dribble or a foul and its a throw in for the other team

What are some common rules in basketball and soccer?

in basketball you can't walk with the ball, dribble with 2 hands at the same time, and dribble stop and dribble again. In soccer u can't use your hands unless u r goalie, and in both don't foul them

Are you allowed to stop then bounce in basketball?

No, that would be called double dribble and yes if you receive the ball, stop then you can bounce.

How can you start dribbling again after you stop?

the only way if you stopped dribbling the ball is if someone passed it to you the you dribble it but then the other opponent gets the ball if you dribbled then stopped then dribbled again. only if ur in a fake game and u don't no how to play then its OK

What means bouble dribble in basketball game?

Double dribbling is where the person with the ball is either dribbling with 2 hands at the same time, or most likely, they are dibbling, then stop, and then start dribbling again. When you stop dribbling legally you only have 3 options: piviot, pass the ball, or shoot.

What is illegal dribble?

an illegal dribble or double dribble in basketball is when the player uses both hands to dribble or the player starts to dribble a second time after coming to a stop

In basketball can you begin dribbling if you are on the ground and stand up?

yes but if you got the ball from your teammate and you dribbled the ball then stopped without dribbling the ball you cant dribble when you stop or else that is a travel

6 rules of basketball?

1. You have to dribble the ball and when you stop you can't dribble again 2. You cannot travel, which means you can't run with the ball 3. You can not tackle or slap or punch or anything like that, otherwise it will be called a foul 4.You can only stay in the key for 3 seconds 5.If you are on the sideline passing in you have 5 seconds to get it to a player, and if you dont get it in with in 5 seconds the ball is given to the other team

What is foul in basketball?

If by what is foul, you mean "what is A foul in basketball" then there is deffinently more than one. The basic fouls are: Double dribble- if you dribble the ball, and then stop dribbling, but then dribble it again, that's a double dribble, and then the other team gets the ball. Charging foul- if you have the ball, and you're running down the court, and you go for a lay up or dunk, and you charge your defender like a bull, that a charging foul, and the other team gets the ball. Goal tending- If someone shoots the basket, and it is about to or almost would have gone in the basket, and you just smack the ball away or out of the rim, it's an automatic 2-points for the offensive team. There are many, many other fouls in the game of basketball. If you can, you might want to Google this question. I hoped this helped. Sincerely, ID

What is basketball theory?

Basically, on offense, you have to dribble the ball down to your side of the court and find a way to get the ball down to the goal and shoot and make it in the basket. On defense, you have to stop the other team from shooting the ball into the basket. If you steal the ball you go back to what I told you to do on offense.

What is the importance of dribbling in basketball game?

Since the dribble can only begin and stop one time it is in a player's possession, you should make his dribble count. Every single dribble should have a purpose.

Would it be a travel if you stopped dribbling and then took two steps and shot the ball?

yes, u may only take two steps wen thrown the ball, u cant dribble then stop otherwise yes it would be a travel

What are the main 7 ruls in basketball today?

Do not travel. Dont be a ball hog. Help your team mates. Dont dubble dribble. Stop when the coach wisles. Switch half game. No bulling.

When do you establish a pivot foot in basketball?

If you get the ball or stop your dribble and pick up or move one foot, the foot that stays still is your pivot foot. If you were to pick up your pivot foot it is a walk.

Would it be considered a travel if you are dribbling toward the basket then you jump stomp on both feet then holding the ball step left foot right foot and shoot before the left foot hits the floor? of my little brothers teammates did that and the reff said it was a travel. Yes, it is a travel. Once you jump stop, you cannot driibble the ball again or pickup your pivot foot. It is also a travel if you stop your dribble, then take two steps, and then jump stop. It is either or, not both.

What are the rules in basketball?

There are a lot of rules for basketball. First lets talk about the general rules when having the ball. First of all a travel is when you pick up the ball and start to run up the court without dribbling or a three step on a layup. The maximum is two steps. There is also an up and down type of travel. You jump up in the air without having a pass or a shot. Second is the Double Dribble. That is when you dribble the ball and you stop, but then you start up your dribble again. Then you will be called for a double dribble. Now lets get to the fouls should we? A defensive foul is when you either have contact with the other person. When we mean by contact is either you hit the guys hand or you just tend to foul. A Reach in foul is when you try to steal the guy's ball a lot of times with you either slapping his hand at the end. (There is more to this, so search it some if you want. Sorry that the foul part was not much info, I left out some.)

How will you stop a rolling ball?

put your hand there to stop it.