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Albatross or double eagle.

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Q: What do you call three under par in a single golf hole?
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What is a albatrose in the game of golf?

golfing three under par on a single hole

In golf the term for three shots under par?

For a single hole this is known as an Albatross.

How much does it cost to play golf at arrowhead golf club?

A single person $230 and a single person under 30 is $175.

What is three under par?

Three under par on one hole of golf is an albatross or a double eagle.

What is three under par in golf?

A Hole in One, or an Albatross.

What is three under par in golf called?

Double Eagle

What is three-under par on a golf course?

It is called an albatross.

What do they call golf in England?


What do you call the start of the golf hole?

You call it "the start of a golf hole."

What do you call four under par in a single golf hole?

It is called a condor, although it could only happen if there was a hole in one on a par 5 so it is very very rare, and unlikely.

What does - mean in golf?

The - in golf means under par, which is taking less shots than allotted for whether it be a single hole, a series of holes, or an entire round.

Does England call golf Caddy?

No. They call golf - golf. A caddy is someone who helps a golfer with his clubs.

What do you call the ball of golf?

That would be a golf ball.

What is the game of golf usually referred to as?

Golf. But a single game of golf is usually referred to as a round.

What is the name for a double albatros in golf?

An albatross is a term for three under par and is also called a double eagle. There is currently no golf term for a double albatross.

How many years do golf cart batteries last?

Anecdotal opinion says golf cart batteries will last three years under normal, everyday, use.

What is a double eagle in golf?

A double eagle is holing out in three strokes under par; also called an albatross.

Are golf drivers rare?

no they aren't. Every single golf players has to have a driver to play the first shot in golf

In golf One under pair is also known as?

One under par in golf is called a bogey.

What do you call a bat in golf?


What do you call a mishit golf?


What is a birdy in golf?

One under par for a given hole in golf.

What do we call where we play golf?

It is a golf links if the course is near the sea. Otherwise it is a golf course if further inland.

Where can one find a good deal when purchasing single golf clubs?

One can find a good deal when purchasing single golf clubs at a number of different stores. Generally Walmart has a lot of good deals on single golf clubs.

Golf term for three strokes under par?

An albatross or a double eagle. Double eagle is mainly used in the US.