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football Fans

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Q: What do you call those who watch football games?
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What games are in Honduras?

Soccer, but they call it football.

How can one watch Premier League football games in Canada?

There are a wide range of internet TV options available by means of which one can watch almost any programme. The time difference may call for some forward planning if the idea is to watch the games as they happen.

What do you call the people who watching football match?

fans, um .... football spectators/supporters

What do they call soccer in Australia?

Generally people just call it Soccer but some people who actually play, coach or watch a high level of Soccer/Football will call it Football.

What sport does England watch?

Football (Americans call it soccer) as well as Cricket.

What is the name of the ball that they use in football games?

A football......... Or some people call it a pig skin.

Why do americans call rugby football?

Rugby and American football are two completely different games. Americans refer to rugby as rugby, and American football as football.

What do you call people who work with paintballs?

There is not specific title for those in the paintball industry, but there are some names. Those who work on guns are considered "techs". Those who watch the games and make sure it is fair are "refs". Those are the only 2 names in paintball that are unique.

In the US why dont they call football soccer and soccer football?

Probably because in the USA the single word 'football' is more commonly connected with 'American Football' rather than with "association football" - also known as 'soccer'. In those countries where another brand of football is much more popular than soccer, those more popular football games are what those regions call "football". There are many of them. 'Soccer' was originally a slang name for the game played in accordance with Rules set by The Football Association in England, where the game is sometimes still formally called 'Association Football', perhaps as a way of distinguishing it from other forms of football including American, Australian Rules, Gaelic and Rugby, to name a few.

What do Australians call American football?

To distinguish the game from various other games (codes) of football played in Australia, American Football is mainly referred to as gridiron.

The iwatch has games to play?

The iwatch does have games that you can play. This watch can do just about anything a phone can do besides call someone.

Why do you call football football?

You call it football because you play with ball and kick the ball

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