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The indentations on Golf balls are called dimples.

These dimples act as turbulators, which increase the speed, and therefore the distance, which the ball travels, by reducing drag.

People began to notice this when they began to realise that poorer people, who had nicks and bumps in their golf balls simply because they couldn't afford new ones, were better at golf than the rich people with brand new smooth balls, prompting aerodynamicists to try and find out why. Now all golf balls have these indentations, or 'dimples'.

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Q: What do you call the small indentations on golf balls and what are they for?
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What is the indentations on a golf ball called?

The small indentations are called dimples.

What are the small indentations on a golf ball called?

dimples ...

How many indention are on a golf ball?

The indentations on golf balls are called dimples. Most golf balls have more than 300 dimples. The number, shape, size and depth of the dimples affect.the flight of the ball. The number of dimples is generally printed on the box

What are the indentations on a golf ball called?


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