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the 11th round

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Q: What do you call the 11th round in a boxing match?
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What do you call the conclusive end of a Boxing match?


How do you set up a boxing match?

Call Travis.

What happens if you do not show up for a boxing match?

You then forfeit the match. If you can you might possibly be able to reschedule it. But you would have to call them first.

What do you call a boxing trainer?

His name

What do you call the floor of a boxing ring?


What do you call the prize money for boxing?

A purse.

What do you call a person who plays boxing?

A boxer.

What do you call the bell used in boxing?

you call it a ring bell or just the bell

What do you call the ropes around a boxing arena?


What is the floor of a boxing ring called?

The mat. In "Boxing" it's called the "Canvas", Wrestler's call it "The Mat". Hope this helped! :)

What is the average duration of a boxing match?

I Actually Looked It Up And Came To This:Since 1998, At Madison Sqaure Garden( Theres More But ALOT More ) The Average Boxing Match In A Standard 12 Round Unifacation Bout Has Been Ended In The 6th Round, With An Average Of 2:11 Time Left On Teh Clock.Title Bouts Differ Based On The Tilte And Weight Class Itself. But They Do Have Average Of All Title Bouts Since 2004. And Since 2004 The Average Title Bout Has Ended In The 5th Round With About 1:52 Left On The Clock.The Website Is Seriouly In German, But With Language Software it Decoded It Or Whatever You Call It. and That's How I Got The Stats.

Why did they first call it armistice day?

It was the day that the treaty was signed to end hostilities in WWWI. They signed it at 11 am. So it was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

What do Irish call boxing day?

St. Stephen's Day

What do Germans call Boxing Day?

voxing ting desh

What is a private match on call of duty modern wafare 2?

A private match is where you and your friends have a match and no one can join in.

What they call that object protects teeth in boxing?

its called a mouth gaurd

What is the name that is given for the day after Christmas?

Banks call it boxing day

What do you call the first round of tennis?

It is called First Round

What do you call a small round block of medicine?

You call a small round block of medicine a TABLET. XD! 8D!

When is call of duty world of war come out?

it came out the 11th of November

How do you get unlimited health on Call of duty 4 PS3?

i know how to just meet me online on call of duty 4 h match on mercenary team death match or team death match

How do you get to play online wager match on Call of Duty Black Ops?

Go to player match, and click wager match.

Can you close a privte match in call of duty modern warfare 2?

If you are the player hosting the match you can close the match, but if you are not hosting you can only stay or leave the match.

Why is a boxing ring called a boxing ring if it's square?

In the early days of professional fist fighting, groups of fighters would travel from town to town challenging the local men. The fighters would arrange some of the spectators in a circle and have them hold a ring of rope. Any man wishing to challenge one of the boxers would "toss his hat into the ring." The bout would then take place in this early boxing "ring." As the number of spectators increased, the hand-held ring no longer sufficed, and it became necessary to fashion an enclosure by attaching ropes to stakes driven into the ground. Four stakes were normally used, which produced a square enclosure, but it continued to be called a boxing ring. The area within which the opponents were limited to have their boxing match might have been called a "boxing rink" at one time and eventually became referred to as a a "boxing ring". ======================================================================================================== Another reason that the "boxing ring" should be square: Can you imagine the announcer introducing a contestant, "If it would have been round, "And in this ARC we have Block Buster Butch..." Betaclamp's point-of-view: All of the above has missed this Point: The last couple of times I attended a boxing match, I asked the Officials "Why do we call this 'Boxing'?" None of them knew. Up at the top I found the Answer - Boxing is called Boxing because the 'combat' occurs and takes place WITHIN A BOX. Thank you. As well, in the top paragraph above, somehow 'professional fist fighter' becomes [in the third sentence] 'boxer'. Perhaps this needs explaining [preferably by the Author!], in the aim of understanding the origin of the name 'boxer'.

What do Doctors call eyes moving round and round?

Rotatory nystagmus