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A caddy is someone who carries a golfer's bag of clubs

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Q: What do you call someone who carries a golfer's club?
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What do you call a person that carries a golfers club?

a caddy

What do you call someone acting as a golfer's assistant?

Caddy these guys only really help professional golfers that are on the tour

What is a golfers favorite sandwich?

a golfer's favorite sandwich is a CLUB SANDWICH!

Does someone answer when you call Club Penguin?


The stick that golfers hit with is called?

A club, driver, iron, rescue, wood, putter.

Why do golfers putt without a glove?

Golfers putt without a glove to ehance the feel of the putter. Putting is all about feel and it helps increase your feel on the club when putting the ball. Also, a glove is to help with gripping the club. You don't have a wild downward motion on a putt like you do swinging a club.

What can you call your horse club?

that is realy up to you. Someone that i know has called theres pony club but the name is realy up to you.

What is the name of the best club grip for golfers who don't use gloves?

GolfPride TourWrap 2G

What is occupation of most golfers?

Most golfers are professional golfers. However, golf is a well known sport for businessmen. Although some golf clubs may only want highflyers playing at their club, there is no discrimination between who can play golf and who can't.

A person who carries a golfers club is called what?

A caddy, or caddie. This person not only carries the players clubs and bag, but also offers helpful advice. A good caddy will know the challenges of the golf course and the best strategy for playing it, including proper club selection and reading the greens. Traditional caddying is where the player and the caddy both walk the course and fore-caddying is when the caddy walks and the player rides in a cart.

Which course was the US Open played on during the first year that no amateur golfers made the cut?

The Country Club

What word is in common with golf and playground?

The word is swing. Golfers swing the golf club. Children play on a swing at the playground.

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