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fans /player

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Q: What do you call people at a football match?
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Related questions

What do you call the people who watching football match?

fans, um .... football spectators/supporters

What do you call people in a football match?

players, match officials, Referees, assistant referees, stewards

Collective noun used for people at a football match?

Collective nouns for people at a football match are a crowd of people, a stadium of people, and sometimes a mob of people. The people playing the match are a teams of players, or teams of footballers.

How many people are there in one team in football in a match?

11 player in a football match

When were goal nets first used in football?

In what the British call football and the Americans call soccer, the first goal nets were used at a match in Nottingham, England, in 1891. (See And Not Many People Know This, Either! by Michael Caine).

Is it the groundsman responsibility referee to call of a football match?


What is the biggest recorded crowd at a football match?

The world loves football (soccer as we call it). That was never truer than on June 16, 1950 when 199,854 people were in attendance to watch Brazil play Uruguay in the World Cup Final. That is still the largest crowd for a football match.

What do the British announcers call a tie in a football match?

A Draw

What do you call the kids who get walked onto the pitch in a football match?

childships or your momma

How many people are needed in a football match?

25 people are needed

54 000 people attended a football match 3 over 8 those who attended were children How many attended the football match?

Out of the 54000, 20250 were children.

How many people at a football match?

there have been 152,234

What do you called People in a football match?

players are fans??

What do you called People at a football match?

fans /player

What name is given to people at a football match?


What is a single word for People at a football match?

Spectators or one spectator.

What is a group of people called at a football match?


How many people watch a football match?

American football, thirty some thousand. European football, over 100 thousand.

What does most people call football?

Which Version? The US call American football-football and association football-soccer.In the UK we call association football-football,Rugby football-Rugby and American football a girl's game because of all the padding they wear!

What do people from England call soccer?

People in England call soccer 'Football'.

What do they call soccer in Australia?

Generally people just call it Soccer but some people who actually play, coach or watch a high level of Soccer/Football will call it Football.

How many people go to an average soccer game?

There are 50,000 people at an average in a football match.

Why the football players in a football match are accompanied with kids at the start of the match?

They're there as mascots, chosen from either registered young supporters of the Club or from people who apply for the position. It's to give the kids an extra-special something on match-day.

How many people play in a football match?

There are 11 Players in 1 team, and the other team have 11 Players as well. So altogether there are 22 Players in a football match (not inculding subs).

What do people call soccer?