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Q: What do you call it when you take the ball from someone else in basketball?
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In basketball can you save the ball when the other people are shooting?

well there is only one ball in play in a basketball game so if someone else is shooting you cant save the ball from going out of bounds but you can save the ball from going in the hoop by blocking it.

What is basketball pass?

no comprendo. be more detailed.It means to give the ball to someone else that is a few feet away from you. You do that by throwing the ball not hard but not soft at them.

Does setting screens in basketball count as assists?

Nope you have to have the ball and give it to someone else and they have to make a shot, but a screen you don't have the ball your just getting into someones way

How is basketball started?

A ref or someone else throws the ball in the air and two players jump in an attempt to tip it to a teammate. This is known as a "tip-off".

Is it out of bound if the ball hits the side of the backboard in basketball?

No, it is not considered out of bounds if the ball hits the side of the backboard. Unless it bounces off the side of the backboard and then out of bounds before you or someone else can catch it.

What iPhone app lets you call or text from someone else's number?

The app that lets you call or text from someone else's number is called Spoof Call.

Can the kicker kick the ball again after a goal kick if no ones else touches the ball first?

no someone else has to touch it first

What do you call someone who helps someone else in subjects?

a tutor

What do you call someone when they meddle in someone else's life?

• Someone who interferes in someone else's life is called a 'meddler.' Obviously.....

What happens in golf when you hit someone else's ball?

your screwd

What do you call someone who looks exactly like someone else?

A twin

What games are played with a ball and a net?

Basketball, Soccer, Volley ball, Netball, tennis, ping pong, Birdie, ...if theres anything else..idk

What happens to you if the dodge ball hits someone else and then hits you?

Both of them are out

Can someone else mark your ball and does that person have to replace it?

Yes and no,respectfully

What does the idiom a ball of fire mean?

If someone says that something or someone else is "a ball of fire," it means that they are really talented and quickly rising in their field.

In basketball can you begin dribbling if you are on the ground and stand up?

yes but if you got the ball from your teammate and you dribbled the ball then stopped without dribbling the ball you cant dribble when you stop or else that is a travel

What do you call someone who sponges money off of someone else?

A c--t

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What do we call it when we take someone else's culture?


What is a header in soccer?

this is when the soccer ball bounces off the head of someone else... not necessarily someone on your team.

What do you call a person who is someone else in front of you and behind you is someone else and they make stuff and lies behind your back and about you?

The term for someone who does this specifically is "two-faced"

What do you call someone with bipolar disorder?

Their name because i wouldn't call them anything else if i were you.

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