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Theirs no specific term for this. A lot of people call it a "save".

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Q: What do you call it when the goalie stops the ball from going in his net?
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What is the call when a defensive player passes the ball back to the goalie and they pick it up?

an indirect freekick is given to the opposing team from where the keeper handled the ball

Did NJ ban dodge ball in public schools?

yes. they just call it different names now though. In Cape May, NJ they call it Caper Ball. In West Deptford, NJ they call it Hand Ball and change the rules a bit so it's like dodgeball except you also have a goalie who is immune to being out and a goal to protect.

What does the umpire call if a player stops a ball with his hat?

All base runners advance 3 bases and the batter is not out.

What restart would the referee call if the goalie fell down with a cramp when he was holding the ball in soccer?

If the referee must stop the game specifically for an injury, the restart is a drop ball. Whether the opposing team actually opposes this drop ball is not required.

What is the call if a goalie picks up the ball from his own teams pass?

So long as he's inside his box - it's fine. If he steps outside his box and picks up the ball, it's a blatant hand-ball, resulting in a penalty kick for the opposition.

Can a player call timeout while in control of the ball but going out of bounds?


What does Tybalt do that is dangerous in act 1 in romeo and Juliet?

Tybalt attempts to call Romeo out for a fight at the ball, but Lord Capulet stops him.

If a player is going up for a shot and the opponent comes in and its called a jump ball for the statistics does it count as turnover does it count as a shot?


A hand ball in soccer is called when it touches what part of your body?

Your hand to your shoulder. This call can also go against the goalie if he or she picks up the ball out side the goal box (that big box around the goal, for people that don't know what I'm typing about).

When the opponent serves to the other team why is it important to call the ball as soon as the ball goes over the net?

It is important to call the ball because you need to let your own teammates know that you are going for it. It also helps with what play the setter will do depending on who calls it.

Can you use vegetable oils to break in a glove?

not really. I'm a goalie and the way I broke in my glove was by putting a tennis ball ( or any ball about the same size) in the net part of the glove or what ever you want to call it, then close it and stuff it under your mattress when you go to sleep tonight.

Who in football stops a player from running?

Either the referees will call a dead ball or the defender tackles him on the field. Sometimes it's pretty rough when a guy gets tackled.

What is the person call that guards the net in soccer?

In football, or soccer, the goalie guards the net.

When can a goalie touch the soccer ball in a game of soccer?

As long as she's not past the second line she can grab it but if she passes the second line in front of her she has to kick it out their is a big box which is call the penalty area. The keeper can only pick the ball up in this area but not when their own team mates intentionally passes it to them

Why do you call football football?

You call it football because you play with ball and kick the ball

What do you call a mouse with a ball?

A ball mouse

What happens when one of your teammates steps in your own goalie's crease in hockey?

It's never a good idea to step in the goalie's crease, even if it's our own goalie. Goalies need their space to maneuver and make saves. In some places, refs might call penalties for invading the crease, but most refs won't, especially if it's your own goalie.

Where did the titanic start from and where was it going?

Titanic's first port-of-call was Southampton, UK. After making stops in France and Ireland, she was headed to New York City, America.

Where did the titanic start and where was it going?

Titanic's first port-of-call was Southampton, UK. After making stops in France and Ireland, she was headed to New York City, America.

When can you call a time out?

As far as college ball and the NBA are concerned, a team may call a time out when they are in possession of the ball or during a dead ball. A team may not call time out when they are on defense.

What do you call a computer mouse with a ball?

A ball mouse

What do you call the ball of golf?

That would be a golf ball.

What do you call a ball Snooker?

The only ball with a specific name - is the cue-ball.

What do you call a front that stops moving?

Stationary Front

What does call the shots mean?

In billiards or pool, to call your shot means to declare ahead of time which pocket in the table you are going to aim your ball. This has come to mean figuratively that you are in charge of the situation.