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a grind

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Q: What do you call a skateboard move where you scrape the trucks on a crub?
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What is the answer to the analogy mattress is to crub as blad is to what?


Is it ok for a boyfriend to be so strict?

No it is not, he sounds jelouse and controling and it will only get worse, he will make your life a living h*##. get out while you can. I don't see it as controling. It is your choice!, But their are rules of engagement, And Its my-way or the hi-way. Make your choice quick. If you can't live by some simple rules then (YES!) "get out" before you are set out to the crub!

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Teen preganancy gives the teen a huge responsibility. There is a living, breathing life form that you are completely responsible for. You have to pay for Diapers, clothes, a crub, a car seat, food, and so much more. You will also miss alot of things that you want to do, such as prom, dates, hanging out with friends, and so on. also, you'll miss out on a full- night's sleep.

What are some five letter words with 2nd letter C and 3rd letter R and 4th letter U and 5th letter B?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 1 words with the pattern -CRUB. That is, five letter words with 2nd letter C and 3rd letter R and 4th letter U and 5th letter B. In alphabetical order, they are: scrub

What is the manufacturers curb weight rating for a 2006 Chevy silverado?

The curb weight of your particluar truck depends on several factors. Things like trim level, 2wd or 4wd, regular cab or extended cab, etc. all change the crub weight. Here are a few examples to give an idea. A 2wd Regular Cab LS SWB curb weight is 4211lbs. A 2wd Extended Cab LS SWB curb weight is 4627lbs. Figure another 100lbs - 150lbs for 4wd and a trim level other than LS can raise of lower the curb weight depending on which one you have.

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Sorry, but you missed your chance. He now has another girlfriend so it's best to move on.MarcyAnswerwell like marcy said move on.U have to think about the other person involved in the relashionship i mean they would suffer 2 if u got involved. You had ur chance, u can wait or move on but never get into a relashinship to make urself feel better because u might hurt urself and everyone else involved. answer-lets say that i have been there it sucks i no but if the guy is a jackass then just drop him on the crub because he ain't worth it i have like the same guy for 2 years and this year he has proved to me i deserve better and so do u u don't need to wait on someone that want give u a chance that's just a waste of life just go out hang out with friends and have fun that's what i would do well if u need anymorre help just email me at

When a girl cheats on her boyfriend with his friend why is it her boyfriend is more likely to forgive the friend and not the girlfriend?

== == * The way guys work it is that they feel that their friend is not going to lie to them no matter what. The girl would have not talked to boy again (unless she still had feelings for him, and she wanted to work it.) I know for a fact that the girl would not talk to the friend again because they feel that they had over stepped there boundaries. I would had kicked the guy to the crub. Then I would have told my friend before I told her off that she went too far and she knew I had mad feelings for him and even loved him. * He should have kicked his friend to the curb too. It's not normal to forgive a friend for such a thing and it shows that your ex boyfriend was immature and was willing to put the full blame on you knowing full well his friend could have formed the word "no" to you and respected his friendship with your boyfriend. Others will say "hey, if it's free sex any guy would go for it" but that's simply not true. I have a friend that was in love with his buddies girlfriend and he spread untrue rumors around about her and like a goof her boyfriend walked out the door without any explanation to his girlfriend. He believed his male friend! Later, he found out through the grapevine that his friend had lied to him. He went up to his friend, told him off and never bothered with him again! He then went and apologized to his girlfriend and they are back together again. Now that's normal.