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A winning serve.

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Q: What do you call a serve that opponent cannot return?
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What do you call a serve that the opponent cannot return in tennis?

There are two types of serve that a player cannot return, one is an Ace and one is just called Unreturnable. An Ace is when the returner cannot get their racket to the ball at all. An Unreturnable is when the returner touches the ball, but cannot return it within the court.

What do you call a serve that is so well hit that the returner cannot even touch it?

A serve that is so well hit that returner cannot even touch is called an ace

Can tennis server call his own serve out?

In professional tennis, there are line judges for that. In non-professional tennis, however, a server can call his or her own serve out. Most do not because it is a point against them, even though the opponent thought the serve was in.

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What do you call a good serve that the opponent is unable to hit or touch with his racket?

well i call it a smash shot its when you just smash it down but try not to hit the net

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Why is a tennis serve called a serve?

Because you hit the ball with some kind of racket and that is why you call it a serve.

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