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It's a Pool Cue

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Q: What do you call a pool stick?
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Related questions

What is that thing called to play pool with?

The pool STICK,billiard pool stick or pool cue stick all refer to the stick that is used to play pool with

How can you call billiards a sport?

cuz if you get angry you are allowed to attack or hit your opponent with your pool stick

How do you cue a pool stick?

A cue is a pool stick. You prepare the cue before a match by shaping and scuffing the tip. Then, the cue tip is chalked with pool chalk.

How do you send a pool stick through the mail?

lol they put it in a box as long as the pool stick is and they deliver it to your front door

What is a pool cue?

The stick you use when you hit the ball in pool

What is the difference between pool cue and pool stick?

There is no difference, but the proper name is a pool cue.

What is pool stick?

the cue

How do you get a raccoon out of a pool?

take the pool cleaningthing on the stick and hit it and then scoop it with it

What do you call the end of a stick?

You call it "the end of a stick". There is no technical name for it.

What do you call the stick used in pool snooker that allows the cue to be raised over the ball?

'Spider' is the most common, or the 'extended spider', or a 'swan neck' rest.

What is the size of a pool stick?

A pool stick, called a cue, is usually 57 or 58 inches long. They are allowed to be as short as 40 inches, and there is no maximum.

What kind of things do you use to play pool?

a pool stick, pool balls with numers on them, chalker to chalk the top

How do you hold the pool stick?

I just need to know because i keep choking in pool

Bat is to baseball as what is to cueball?

pool stick

In a game of pool what is the colour of the cue ball?

Well the cue ball is suppose to be white but when you hit it many times with the pool stick it starts turning blue from the chalk on your stick.

What to use to play pool?

you have to use a pool stick and 10 or 16 balls counting the cue ball

What are the beds for the pool called?

You can call them sun beds or a pool lounge

How do you call a hockey stick?

Hockey stick

How much is your pool stick worth?

79 dollars

How do you rotate wet end on pool pump?

stick it

What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back angles and polygons worksheet?

a stick

What do you call a hockey players stick?

(Hockey) stick.

What sport do you need a cue stick to play?

Snooker or Pool

You have been with my boyfriend for 5 years and he wants to go travelling and I dont know what to do?

stick your finger in his butthole and call it macaroni stick your finger in his butthole and call it macaroni stick your finger in his butthole and call it macaroni

What do you call a stick with a blade on the end?

The blade at the end of a stick is called a "Bayonet".