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A stadium.

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Q: What do you call a place where you play tennis?
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What do you call a person that play tennis?

tennis player

What do you call a place where you play table tennis?

Over the years the most common term used to describe where you play table tennis is "parlor". However, most players who compete regurally go to "a club".

What is the tennis players favorite place to play?

A tennis court, for tennis.

Is tennis grand slam the best place to play tennis?

no its not

What is the service line for tennis?

I am not sure but just call your local tennis place

What do you call the start of play in tennis?

a serve

What is a court?

it is a place where basketball or tennis players play on

Where in the Olympics do you play table tennis?

in the Olympics place

What sports do kids play?

Football or as they call it in the U.S, soccer. They also play tennis, badminton, swimming, table tennis, rugby, cricket, baseball, running and cycling.

Where can you play tennis?

you can play tennis any were as long as their is a tennis court to play on.

Where is the best place to play a game of tennis with your friends?

Your local park is the best place. You don't need to go to any fancy club, and all of your friends and you will have free access to the park to play a game of tennis. Most parks have a tennis court, so find the closest one and meet there.

Do narwhals play tennis?

i think they play everything but tennis its bluewhales that play tennis

How do you set up the game table tennis?

get a table to play on< an average table or a proper table tennis table clip the net in place get a ball two bats and play!! it is that simple

What do you wear to play tennis?

A great place to buy tennis clothes online is: One of the fun things about tennis is you get to dress like a girl!

Where do you play tennis?

There are serval tennis clubs where you can play tennis against other people for fun or u can play pennants which is where you verse other tennis clubs in your division, they play pennants in summer and winter.

Do only tall people can play tennis?

NO! Everyone can play tennis! Adults and children NO! Everyone can play tennis! Adults and children

What is the future tenses of play?

will play - I will play tennis with you. going to play - We are going to play tennis tomorrow am / is / are playing - They are playing tennis on the weekend.

What sports do people play in suriname?

They play soccer (or as they call it football), circket,tennis, basketball,they go fishing, hunting, and bird watching as well.

Who plays tennis?

Millions of people play tennis. From high school tennis teams to professional tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon, people all over the world play tennis.

Who was tennis played by?

every one who wants to play tennis can play tennis but thay will suck just like you

Why is tennis a good sport to play?

Sport is good .. Tennis is a sport .. so tennis is a good sport to play?

What is used to play tennis?

tennis racket and tennis ball

What equipment to you need to play tennis?

The basic equipment you need to play tennis is a tennis court with net, a tennis racket. and some tennis balls. You also need shoes that are comfortable when running, or tennis shoes.

What do you call a place to play games?

An arena

How did tennis get its name?

Tennis is thought to have been played first in France during the fourteenth century. When a player with a racquet in hand was ready to play he would call out "tenez", which meant take or receive.