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That person is an athlete.

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Q: What do you call a person who plays a sport and takes part in competitions?
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What is a wakeskater?

A wakeskater is a person who takes part in wakeskating - a water sport which uses a similar board to that of wakeboarding.

What is the sport that takes place in flemington?

The sport of golf.

What does the minister of art sport and tourism do?

the minister of sport takes care of sport

Is cupstacking a sport?

A sport is something not everyone can do and it takes skill and it is competive so yes cupstacking is a sport.

What sport take place in veldrome?

The sport that takes place at a velodrome is cycling.

What sport isHenley famous for?

Henley on Thames is the location of the annual Henley Royal Regatta. This event takes place between 30 June to 4 July this year and features various rowing and sculling competitions for individuals and teams of different numbers.

Which sport takes place in a veldrome?


Which sport takes place in a veledrome?


Is cheerleading a sport in England?

I guess you MIGHT call it a sport, but if so it is very much a minority interest, not widely recognisd or supported, and the number of people who take part pales into insignificance when compared with vitually any other sport you care to name. For something to be classed as a 'sport' it has (I think?) to be competative ... there may be competitions arranged between different cheerleading teams - there are also 3-legged races arranged between infants at school; would you class THEM as 'sport'? If you are asking about whether this activity takes place in the UK: yes. As a sport?: debatable.

How do you play dungeons and dragons with two people?

One person takes the role of Dungeon Master, the other plays as a character.

Is shopping a sport?

shopping is a sport because it takes up energy and its fun! gooooooo shopping!

Is iceskating a good sport?

If you r into dance or gymnastics then it is great sport but it takes a while to get good

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