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How do u call a person who practice Track and Field

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A track athlete.

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Q: What do you call a person who does track and field?
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What is a name for a person who does track and field?

I've heard people call us trackies.

Who is a starter in track and field event?

The starter is usually the person who shoot the gun or is the person recording time in track and field

What do you call a running field?

a track

What do you call the man who fires the gun in track and field?

the "Starter"

Who was the first person to win a gold medal for track and field?

In 776 BC, Koroibos won the first Track and Field gold medal.

Who is the fastest person on track and field?

Depends what track and field event you are talking about. But the fastest man in track in field is Usain Bolt. He ran the 100 meter dash in 9.69 seconds setting a new world record.

What does a timekeeper do in track and field?

check how long the person is running

What is widely considered to be the oldest sport known to humankind?

Track and Field

What is 3 main category in track and field?

track and field track and field

How many events can one person do in track and field?

In High School track and field, you are allowed to compete in 5 events. You may compete in 3 field events and 2 running events or 3 running events and 2 field events.

If you are ahead of the second person in track and field what medal will you get?

gold, first place

In track and field what does the term sprinter mean?

A person who runs short-distances.

What do you call the person who mows the grass on a baseball field?

A person who mows the grass on a baseball field is called a groundsman.

What do you call the person who kicks the football into the field goal?

the kicker

Who was the first person to win a gold medal in track and field at the olympics?

James Connelly.

What is track and field all about?

Track and Field, In which track is the sports played on the field. In track and field involves various activities like jumping, running, throwing and many more according some interval of distance.

What is track and field how it is?

It is an athletic events that take place on a running track and a nearby field; track events and field events. Track and field is a sport comprising various competitive athletic contests based on running, jumping, and throwing.

Where did track and field get its name?

track and field got its name because when you run you on a track. the field part is because you compete in the other competions on a field a grassy area.

What event includes track and field activities?

Track And Field

When did track and field come to the Olympics?

track field came from a black man

What is the highest amount of Olympic medals one person could win in track and field?


What is a better sport Track and field or baseball?

The answer depends on the person who is answering it. In my honest opinion, I believe that track & field is a better sport because you get more exercise. But baseball is more entertaining for me. Hope that helps!

What is the origin of track and field?

Track and field started in 776BC in Greece.

Is chess a track and field game?

No, chess is not a track and field game.

Track and field measurements?

In track and field, measurements are done in meters.

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