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A boxer.

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Q: What do you call a person that does boxing?
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What do you call the 11th round in a boxing match?

probally the first person to win the first round if it's even, but the person who wins both 2 rounds

What do you call the prize money for boxing?

A purse.

Who is the person with the most skill level in Wii sports boxing?

Matt, your boxing trainer.

What do you call the conclusive end of a Boxing match?


Who is the most popular person in boxing in chad?

What the what?!

What do you call the ropes around a boxing arena?


What is a place where you play boxing called?

The mat. In "Boxing" it's called the "Canvas", Wrestler's call it "The Mat". Hope this helped! :)

How do you search for a person that has died in the boxing ring?

go to and type in Deaths due to injuries sustained in boxing

What is the name that is given for the day after Christmas?

Banks call it boxing day

What they call that object protects teeth in boxing?

its called a mouth gaurd

Where are the knockout places on a person in boxing?

Temple and side of the jaw

How much will call of duty black ops cost on Boxing Day?