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A karate instructor is usually called "Sensei" or master. Sensei means "one who has gone before" or teacher in Japanese.

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Q: What do you call a karate instructor?
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Who is Taylor Lautner's karate instructor?

His former karate instructor's name is Tom Fabiano.

What is a karate teacher?

Some may call them "sensai" i just called mine my "instructor"

How long does a karate instructor have to go to college?

A karate instructor is not required to have any academic qualifications.

Who was the actor that played the Karate Instructor?

Which karate instructor in what movie or show? The karate instructor in the original Karate Kid was Pat Morita. His opposition was originally going to be played by Chuck Norris, but he didn't like the character.

What is a karate instructor?

A sensei.

Why did the karate instructor admire Santa?

He delivered more kicks in one night than the karate instructor did in all his years of teaching!

What is the name of Dre Parker's instructor in the karate kid?

dre's instructor is g.Han

What do you call a karate black belt instructor?

It depends, but normally you call them sensei. Meaning 'someone that has gone before' Sensei is showing them respect. Depending on their rank, they may have other titles such as Hanshi. When I'm in the dojo, I call my instructor sensei. When we aren't in the dojo, I call him Bob.

What does a karate instructor do?

* Teach karate students * Train hard * Go to tournaments * Sparring * Stretch

What are some karate tricks?

There are no tricks in karate. It is hard work and practice under a knowledgeable instructor.

Can girls be addressed as ms sir name?

Yes, given they are not married. I know for fact that if you are only 15 and an assistant karate instructor or an assistant dance instructor, students will call you Ms. {Lastname}

How do karate trainers learn?

The same way that any individual trains and learns karate. They study with an instructor.

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