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(Hockey) stick.

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Q: What do you call a hockey players stick?
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How do you call a hockey stick?

Hockey stick

When did hockey players start taping there hockey stick?


What do hockey players use to hit the puck?

A Hockey stick

How you can select the good quality hockey stick?

well i would get referal from players or call your local pro shop

What is the rule on the high stick rule in hockey?

When a player's stick is noticeably higher than the players shoulder and is endangering other players.

Why do hockey players tape their sticks?

to make the stick look better

What is the length of an ice hockey stick?

It depends on how tall the player is. A hockey stick should be up to about the players nose when they are off ice. Did this help? laneylou16

What is a hockey stick and puck?

A hockey stick is what the players hold on to in order to move the puck. A puck is the black disk that the players use the stick to hit. The purpose of the game is to get the puck into the opponent's net more times than they score on your net.

Who invented the hockey stick?

AnswerWe do not know who made the first hockey stick, as hockey in various forms has been played for centuries and the first players did not keep records of their games or equipment.

What do they use to play hocky?

The game is called hockEy not hocky, and "they", i am guessing hockey players, use a stick and a puck.

What brand of hockey stick do NHL players use?

hockey players use a variety of sticks from reebok to Bauer to Nike sticks it really depends on the player preference

What is the hockey safety rules?

Hockey safety rules are the rules put in place to keep players from getting hurt. Some of the rules are to not hit other players with your hockey stick, no tripping, no pushing, and no hitting.

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