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A "girder bolt"!

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Q: What do you call a bolt for a girder?
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What is a Bolt for a girder?

A bolt for a girder is a bolt that is cast in place with the cap. Therefore the bolt is concreted into the cap of the substructure of the bridge. The girder is then set on top of bearing pads, on top of the cap, in between the girder bolts. The bolts are there to keep the ends of the girders from moving side to side.

What is a bolt for a girder called?


Difference of girder and joist girder?

girder is the main horizontal beam . the joists which are usually smaller, are connected to the girders and are supported by the girder.

What is a sentence for girder?

That girder will be used for support.

What type of bridge is the golden state bridge a i beam girder or a box girder?

beam girder

How do you calculate hogging in the case of girder?

how do you calculate hogging of i girder

Difference between plate girder and gantry girder?

plate girder is a vertical section which supports the beam while gantry girder is a horizontal section which supports the othet small beams.

Why girder are you shaped?

A building girder can be U shaped for several different reasons. The shape of the building girder will determine how much weight the girder can carry and how much side to side stress it can withstand.

What is single girder and double girder EOT cranes?

Based on CMAA (Crane Manufacturers Association Of America) specifications, both single & double girder are equally rigid, strong & durable. This is because single girder cranes use much stronger cross girders than double girder cranes, and single girder cranes have lateral bracing, unlike double girder cranes. To know more about EOT cranes visit:

What is the definition of girder?

girder isa a large strong piece of metal or wood.

Where would you find a truss-girder bridge?

Names of famous trus-girder bridges

What are the advantages and disadvantages of plate girder bridge?

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