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Q: What do you call a back flip while running forward?
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What do you call a sharp sudden pain at the sternum radiating to the back of the shoulders and arms but decreases when erect or leaning forward?


When an army falls back or runs away from an enemy this is called?

ANSWER If the fall back is being carried on orderly we call this a retreat, a withdrawal. If the army is running away from the enemy disordely we call it a rout

Does a punter become a running back if a forward run is attempted?

No he's still the punter he ran the ball because of a fake punt call or maybe because of bad snap & he's afraid punt will get blocked so he runs with ball. Regardless he's still the punter.

Why when I dail a different number it shows call forward?

If you dial a number and your screen shows 'call forward', it means that your call is being forwarded.

What is the call if the base runner stealing a base is hit with the throw while running to the next base?

Error on the throw

If i use your cell phone number as my call forwarding number and you call me will it forward back to you?

Answerit would forward to the voice mail.Call forwarding service activated on someone's cell/phone number will send it either to the voicemail (if it's configured) or simply will sound busy.

Why do people call joe Jackson shoelessjoejackson?

he lost his shoe while running to first durin his 25 game of the season

What to do when a guy don't call you back but tells you he misses you?

If a guy doesn't call you back but says he misses you, tell him straight forward, " Well if you miss me, why haven't you answered any of my phone calls?" then go from there. a guy who really wants to hang out with you will make the effort.

Another name for a striker?

You can call them 'forward'

Can you call forward my t-mobile phone calls from my computer?

Call forwarding system can actually be set up according to your preset answering rule. Example: You can forward call to another number when you are busy or forward calls to another number when call is unattended after certain number of rings. Easy call forwarding from your PC to your mobile phone is done if you have a desktop call control system.

How do you disable a call forward for Att Samsung Galaxy 5?

You can disable a call forward for Samsung Galaxy S5 if you are on AT&T by dialing *63 and following the prompts.

How do you get to the back three spark plugs on a 1996 Monte Carlo?

there should be what they call a dog bone that is attached to the engine and radiator support, loosen the bolts in that dog bone and grab the back of the engine and pull it forward.