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When all three bases are loaded with runners and the batter hits a home run, this is referred to as a "Grand Slam".

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Q: What do you call a 4 run home run in baseball?
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In baseball what is a grand slam?

In baseball terminology, a grand slam is a home run hit when the bases are "loaded". Meaning that the home run is hit with runners on 1st, 2nd & 3rd base. The result is that 4 runs are scored. A home run normally occurs when a baseball is hit into the grandstands in fair territory. An "inside the park" home run occurs when the hitter can run all the way from home plate then around the bases and ends up back on home plate. It is not a home run if an error allows the hitter to run all the bases.

How many points is a home run in baseball?

In baseball a "point" is called a "run" One home run with no runners on base counts as 1 run. If there are runners on base each runner is counted as 1 additional run. There cannot be more than 3 runners on base. If a home run is hit with 3 runners on base the home run counts as 4 runs. Also when a batter gets a homer, the batter also counts as a run. EX: Runner on 1st, home run would count as 2 runs!

How many ways can you get a home run in baseball?

You can hit the ball out of the park or you can hit the ball and run around all 4 bases for an inside the park homer.

If baseball game is in extra innings with the bases loaded and a home run is hit what is the score?

One team is 4 ahead

Who scored Major League Baseball 1millionth run?

Bob Watson of the Houston Astros scored baseball's one millionth run on a three-run home run by teammate Milt May on May 4, 1975. The Astros were playing the Giants on that historic day.

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You Have To Go To Bear 2 Bear BaseBall, Get A Home Run And Hit All 4 Stops!

Did bj upton hit for the home run cycle?

if your asking if he hit for the cycle including a home run, then yes. If your asking if he hit a 1,2,3, and 4 run home run cycle, then no.

Is a grand slam home run 3 RBIs or 4?


What does 4-5 with a home run mean?

The player had 4 hits in 5 at bats during the game and 1 of those hits was a home run.

If you hit a home run how many bases is that?

1 Home run counts as 4 total bases. ya i agree a total of 4 baces :)

Most consecutive home run in a game?


Why arw baseballs only used for 4-5 pitches in each game?

until the baseball is damaged or a home run then they keep using it.

How many runs in baseball is a home run?

It depends on how many runners are on base. ( 3-4 runs, 2-3 runs, 1-2 runs, 0-1 run)

What is a 4 letter word that starts with the letter 3?

3-run, as in 3-run home run.

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Is a pitcher charged an error on a home run?

by saying "Home Run" you imply that it was ruled a hit, so then no it cannot be an error on the play. However, there are situations where a batter can round the bases and people call it a "Home Run" when in actuallity there was an error on the play so it goes down officially as a 4-base error (i.e a fielder is standing on the warning track and the ball bounces out of his glove and goes over the fence) -- this examply would not technically be a "home run", but that is more then likely what fans will call it

How can a run be scored in baseball?

When a player sucessfully visits all the bases and passes home plate. Can be done in 4 stints or everone on a base gets a free run when a homer is hit by the batter.

What does abbreviation TB stand for in Baseball?

TB in a box score stands for Total bases so single =1 home run =4 etc.

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What sport has home runs besides baseball?

There are sports with similar means of scoring, but none that call it a home run. The closest is rounders (an English game, which was the forerunner of baseball), where a complete circuit of all the bases is called a rounder. Contrary to some claims, home run is not, and never has been, used in cricket. If you hit the ball to the edge of the playing area in cricket you score either 4 or 6 runs, the former if the ball bounces before reaching the boundary, and the latter if it is entirely airborne.

Does a home run count as a RBI?

RBI 4 UYes, the run scored by the batter, as well as each baserunner, is a run batted in (rbi). If the bases are loaded and the batter hits a home run that's four RBI.YesYes, it counts as one RBI; but if the bases are loaded, for instance, a home run counts for 4 RBIs.

If there are 3 players on a base and a batter hits a home run how many run scores?

4 runs would score: the 3 runners on base plus the batter who hit the home run. Grand! Slam!

What is another name for home plate in softball?

you call it 4 occasionally, such as "play is at 4".

Is there a 10 run rule after 4 innings in major league baseball?


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