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Water Polo player.

Just like soccer player, football player and hockey player.

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Q: What do you all a person who plays water polo?
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How do you become a water polo coach?

well i think you become one by knowing all about water polo the strategy and all the moves of water polo.

What to get your water polo coach?

It all depends on what he likes

What countries are Water Polo played in?

All countries with pools

Who is the all-time Olympic water polo champion?

The national water polo team with the most gold medals at the Olympics to date is Hungary with 8.

Can all players in water polo the bottom and sides of the pool?

can gthyiugf

Are all players allowed to toutch the side of the pool in water polo?

No of course not.

Is water polo a team sport?

yup!!!!!!! its all about team work :D

How do you improve the popularity of water polo?

To be honest, the future of Water Polo does not look good. Each year since 2003, the number of water polo players globally has decreased by an average of 8500. This may be because of the reason that Water Polo is seen as a sport played by "queers", who enjoy wrestling other sopping wet men in thongs. Many ex-water polo players have revealed their fear of returning to public pools because of their scarred past, in which many were abused by fellow players. One water polo player has been labelled as a"perverted rabbit" after brutally "discreetly" abusing all the members on his water polo team.

Has reece duffy churcher mum got a wooden leg?

1000% yes she plays polo with it all the time

What was the original purpose of Marco polo's voyage?

To find an all water route to Asia.

What does Jimmie mean?

jimmie means a weird person that plays games all day and no education jimmie means a weird person that plays games all day and no education jimmie means a weird person that plays games all day and no education jimmie means a weird person that plays games all day and no education

Do you capitalize spanish in a sentence?

Women's Water Polo Club member, Stephanie Beauchemin, Spanish major, was named to the First Team All-Tournament at the Collegiate Water Polo Association National Championships.

All but one factor plays a part in water movement in and out of the cell That is?

All but one factor plays a part in water movement in and out of the cell. That is

What did Marco Polo feed his crew?

Polo didn't have a crew to feed. IF he had ships of the time did load barrels of water and dried foods in the hold. They would get fresh foods in ports where they stopped. It took Polo and his father 4 years to reach China and it wasn't all by water.

Who was the first to invent early kind of water polo?

Early games used an inflated rubber ball that came from India known as a "pulu" (the single Indian word for all "balls"). Pronounced "polo" by the English, both the game and the ball became known as "water polo."

What are all the scholarship sports?

football. baseball. basketball. water Polo. cross country. volleyball. soccer.

What does it mean when one person calls out Marco and another calls out Polo?

It is from a swimming pool game. The person that is "it" closes his/her eyes and cries out Marco. All other swimmers call out Polo. Then the person that is "it" tries to touch one of the other swimmers. This goes on until he touches one of the swimmers. Then THAT person is "it".

How long are polo games?

International, Olympic, and college water polo games all have four eight minute quarters. Varsity high school polo has seven minute quarters, jv has six minute quarters, and frosh/soph polo has five minute quarters.

Are most water polo players tall?

It does give players an advantage such faster swimming speeds, more reach and big hands. However, not all water polo players are tall. I know a someone who was 3rd team all-american and she is barely over 5'6".

Aquatic has to do with what?

The word aquatic is always associated with water in some way. Aquatic sports, for example, are any sports that are played in water. Water polo, Marco Polo, water volleyball, and water basketball are all examples. It can be used in a sentence like this: The high school had great aquatic sports teams.

Is regular polo more expensive then uspa?

no.... polo Ralph Lauren is all you need don't worry about the other polo's cause they all fake

Do all polo shirts have a three on them?

No not all of them do.

How good is jack Hugh mcshane Tasmania Hobart at water polo?

a lot better then Emily hill that's for sure. And is a fully sick playa who rules over Tasmanian water polo :P They all love him hell bad!!

Did Marco Polo have children?

Yes Marco Polo had there children they were all girls

What is Marco Polo dedicated for?

Marco Polo was the first person to establish a trade route with Asia that was over land. He called his route the Silk Road. Today, the game Marco Polo refers to him wandering/finding the Asian continent/people, so the "Marco Polo" of the game has to find all the other people.