What do wings do in hockey?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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They are there to assist the inners, and are always available to interchange with any forward that has followed or taken the ball to another spot on the field. The wings will score a majority of the goals in a match.

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They have to 'stand on the post' if their team has ball and its on other side of field.

They have to stay 'on the line' (sideline) on 25 yard line ready to receive ball if attackers/their team have ball 'in their circle'.

Has to prepare to receive ball if ball is on their side of field and their team has.

Pretty sure they stand in front of a '16 hit'/in between hitter's pass and receiver.

Attacking penalty corner they stand on far wing portion of circle and run to 'post' when push is taken.

Defending P.C. they return to halfway OR by special arrangement they can defend one (this is highly irregular).

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Defend his area

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Q: What do wings do in hockey?
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