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An own goal

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Q: What do we call a scored goal when a player kicks the ball directly to his own goal?
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If a team scores a touchdown who kicks after?

the team that scored the touchdown kicks the ball off to the other team

When a player kicks the ball how fast can it go?

it depends how hard he kicks it.

A soccer player kicks a ball into what?

A soccer player kicks a ball into the opposing team's goal. A goalkeeper will try to stop this from happening

What a soccer player does to the ball?

A player kicks it, chests it, passes it, or throws it (from a throw in), a goalkeeper kicks it, catches it and throws it.

In soccer from a kick -off the player kicks the ball directily into the goal what is it?

If he kicks it into the opponent's goal, then a goal is awarded and a kick-off is given to the opposing team. If he kicks it into his own goal, then the kick was backwards and must be retaken. In some youth leagues (under 8) there are no direct kicks, so if the ball were untouched into the goal, the kick would be retaken. If a defender touched it on the way to the net, the goal would count. This is similar to a throw-in, which cannot score a goal directly.

What is meant by a field goal?

In American and Canadian football, a field goal is scored by kicking a ball pinned to the ground by the finger of another player between the two upright posts of the goal. When scored, it counts as three points for the side who kicks it.

What happens in soccer when a player kicks a ball directly into a goal?

You cannot score an own-goal on a direct free kick. The restart would be a corner kick for the opponents.

What is takyang and its rules?

It is a game played by children. A ball of elastic bands is kicked into the air and kept up, without touching the ground, with subsequent kicks. Points are scored for:- The number of kicks before the ball hits the ground; Swapping feet; Inside and outside kicks; etc;

In soccer what is it called when a player kicks the ball away from the goal?

A clearance

Is a goal allowed if a goalie kicks ball from his hands and it goes directly into the goal?

Yes, of course.

A player after taking a penalty kick headed the ball after it rebounded from the crossbar out of the goalkeepers reach?

No, a goal cannot be scored directly from a throw in. If the ball was thrown into your own goal, it would be a corner to the opposing team. If the ball was thrown into the opposing teams goal, the restart would be a goal kick.

Can you score directly from kick off without the ball touching any other player?

Yes, a goal may be scored directly from a kick-off without first touching any other player. However, you cannot score against yourself in this manner (if somehow you kicked the ball forward and the wind blew it back into your own goal, your opponents would get a corner kick).