What do they say about swimmers?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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That they are the coolest. Trust me. Its such a good sport, we barely have to wear any clothing.

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Q: What do they say about swimmers?
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Why is the middle lane better for swimming?

middle lane it can be anything 4 5 6 then 5 would be the middle laneAnswerWhile training, it is a good idea to put fastest swimmers in a lane at on outside lane, and have the slowest in the outside lane at the opposite side of the pool (i.e. in a 6 lane pool, lane 1 is fast and lane 6 is slow, or visa versa (depends on the coach)). If your team includes very inexperienced swimmers, they may get both outside lanes so that they may have the comfort of the wall to grab onto. Also, most more experienced swimmers would rather not swim near the wall for space reasons and the choppiness of waves bouncing off the wall. However, in a swim meet, the fastest swimmer is always in the middle lane, lanes 3 or 4 if it is 6 lane pool, lanes 4 or 5 if it is an 8 lane pool, then slightly slower swimmers on either side of the fastest seeded swimmer as to create a v formation during the meet (a little more exciting to watch in a meet).I am a competative swimmer, and i only know several different types of training, but in meets i know that is fairly standard. Other training techniques by other people may stray from the training lane assignments i told above, but that is usually how my coaches have had swimming set up.the reason is so that all the swimmers can see the fastest person. If the fastest were to be in an outside lane, they could only be seen by the person next to them.

What is collective noun for swimmers?

The collective noun for 'swimmers' is a raft of swimmers.

What is the possessive form of the word swimmers?

The possessive form for the noun swimmer is swimmer's.example: The swimmer's time has improved over the season.

Do whales are good swimmers?

Yes..Excellent swimmers.

Can a dog get swimmers ear?

yes it can get a swimmers ears

How many medals are awarded to relay swimmers when qualifying swimmers differ from final swimmers?

Well...... Cba saying...

Are German Shepherd dogs good swimmers?

They are very talented swimmers and if they could be they could be a professional dog swimmers!!

How much money do Olympic swimmers make?

Swimmers don't get paid much, as they have to be 'amateur' to compete in the Olympics. Most of their money is made from other jobs, and if their good enough advertising and sponsors. (Commercials, magazines, ads, etc.)

Are deer good swimmers?

Yes, deer are good swimmers.

Are orangutans good swimmers?

As far as i know, no, they are not good swimmers.