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Q: What do they do in Spain like festivals bullfighting and what do you do in England?
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Why people bullfight are okay with them getting hurt an kill?

In countries such as Mexico and Spain bullfighting is a sport. The sport has risks, much like bullriding and they don't see it as animal cruelty.

What do people think of the bullfighting in England?

They think it is very cruel to animals.It has been said that 'the British are a nation of animal lovers', which is much closer to the truth, and in general, most would be opposed to cruelty of animals (though turn a convenient 'blind eye' towards abattoir's, etc). In turn, most would find the practice of bullfighting distasteful, to say the least. Many would voice this much more strongly, questioning whether a 'developed' country like Spain should be sanctioning bullfighting, regardless of whether or not it may be a Spanish 'tradition'.

What is daily life like in Spain?

It is just normal like in England. But they speak different.

Which is better England team or Spain team?

Spain is far better. England have a few individual stars like terry, lampard and Gerrard. While Spain have a young and talented team with all stars.

What festivals are there?

There are lots of different festivals like music fesivals and religious festivals.

Why did Spain and England build forts in American territory?

Like most imperialists of the time, England and Spain built forts on American territory to protect what they just stole/claimed themselves.

Are beer festivals good?

They are if you like beer... (and festivals :)

How come England have not won the world cup ever since 1966?

England have individual stars and play like that , they do not play jointly as a team , like Spain do.

When Did The Spanish Armada And Spain War Start?

it started.... because the ships like England and Spain and stuff like that wanted a fight so the decided that they will have a fight to and so they had a fight and England won.

Where is bullfighting legal?

Yes Bullfighting is illegal in the UK, But not in Spain and Mexico.

Do Romanians have festivals?

yes they do have festivals too like other countries?

What breed of horse was made for bullfighting?

There are a handful of horses bred for bullfighting, but the ones I am most familiar with is the Azteca and the Lustiano. Also, sub-breeds of the Lustiano, like Alter-real, Andrade, Coimbra, and the Veiga. Arabians, Thoroughbreds, and Quarter horses can also be used for bullfighting, although they were not bred for it.