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War Eagle! Hey

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Q: What do they cheer during the kickoff of Auburn football games?
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Why is the Auburn Alabama football rivalry so intense?

There is no other major sports teams to cheer for. Bama and Auburn is all there is.

What is football cheerleading?

Football cheerleading is known as football season. It is when cheerleaders cheer during football games. <3 Yours truly, *ChEeRlEaDeR fOr SnOwLiNe AlLsTaR cHeEr*

What is another name for a football cheer?

a sideline cheer

What breaks more bones cheer or football?


What is professional cheer?

they cheer for pro football players

Why do cheerleaders only cheer for football?

Cheerleaders don't only cheer for football. There is also competitive cheer leading and cheering for other sports.

What game does cheer leading cheer for?

football, basketball, sometimes baseball

Which sport have a higher injury rate- football or cheer?


Why is Auburn University named Auburn?

Upon entering college in1949 everyone called the college Auburn. It was just too much to say Alabama Polytechnic Institute or even write it on a check. Besides just spelling Polytechnic was a chore so if the official name was used at all it was shortened to API. At that time, it was as if the city of Auburn was named after the school. At football games the cheer leaders would lead with the yell: AU -- BU -- RN and the stadium would join in Auburn, Auburn, Auburn. There was only one college at the time. That other school was called a University.

What is a cheerleaders role at a football and basketball game?

To get the crowd excited about the team, cheer on the players and to keep the audience hopeful during the game

Do supporters cheer their team at a football game?


Do the spelman cheerleaders cheer for morehouse football team?

spelman cheerleaders cheer for spelman girls basketball games, to cheer for football games you would have to tryout throught morehouse, and you would also be considered a morehouse cheerleader.