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It is usually powdered lime.

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Q: What do they chalk the batters box with?
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How do you chalk a batters box?

There is actually a device that is kind of like a fertilizer dispenser for plants, that drops chalk as you move.

What is a collective noun for chalk?

A collective noun for chalk is a box of chalk.

Why did Orgo put a box of chalk in the fire?

he wanted a iece of chalk lit

What size is the batters box?

the size of the batters box goes from the batters knees to his shoulders and a width of 17 inches

What is the size of the batters box in baseball?

a batters box is 4 foot by 6 foot.

Why did pyro set a box of chalk on fire?

He wanted a piece of chalk lit

What is the aurthor of the chalk box kid?

Clyde Bulla

What is the area of the batters circle minus the area of each batters box and catchers box and umpire box?

17 degrees kelvin

Is chalk a noun?

Yes, chalk is a common, singular, concrete noun. Chalk is also a verb and an adjective. Example uses:As a noun: The chalk is in the red box on the bookshelf.As a verb: Don't forget to chalk your cue before your shot.As an adjective: My favorite is the chalk drawing with the soft colors.

High school rules are being used in this situation. If you have one foot in the batters box and the othere foot out of it are you in or out of the batters box?

you are in the box, you have to call for time.

What is a sentence using the plural of chalk?

The box was full of colourful chalks.

What is a chalk line used for?

A chalk line or chalk box is a tool for marking long, straight lines on relatively flat surfaces, much farther than is practical by hand or with a straightedge.

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