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collected canter, or in western terms, a lope Andalusiangirl

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Q: What do they call it when a horse does a canter but in the speed of a jog or trot?
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What is the fastest horse a gallop a trot or a canter?

Well, your QUESTION is asking for the fastest HORSE,which was Secratariet. Although, the fastest SPEED of a horse is a gallop

What does WTC stand for in horse terms?

WTC is shorthand for walk, trot, canter. It means that the horse will quietly walk, trot, and canter under saddle.

How can you transition into a smooth canter straight from a trot?

By telling your horse to canter...but your horse needs to know how to canter and needs lots of practise, and he also needs to know the command "canter". after he/she gets what you want, practise going from a trot to a canter. soon enough your horse will be transitioning smoothly! good luck!

Gait of a horse faster than a walk?

it goes up like this in speed - walk, trot, canter, gallop.

How do you make a horse go to a walk trot and canter?

- Easy, obviously a trained horse is used. kicking its sides with your feet or whipping! - Well, to go for a walk you lightly kick its side with your feet and say "Walk On." To get your horse to trot you lightly kick its sides again but this time you would say "Trot On." To get a horse to canter you would repeat what you just did for troting but only this time you would say "Canter." And that's how I get my horse to Walk, Trot, and Canter.

What is a horse's fastest gait gallop trot or canter?

There are 4 main gaits (speeds) that horses have. The walk is the slowest. After that is the trot, then the canter, and then the gallop.

How do you tell your horse to canter in French?

To tell (or ask) your horse to trot in French is:"Aller au canter."Translation is: To go into a canter.

Is there a Word for how a horse moves?

A horse can walk, trot, canter, or gallop.

Which of these is not a horse's gait A skip B trot C canter D walk?

There are 4 gaits a horse will use: Walk, Trot, Canter/Lope, and Gallop. The answer to your question is A. Skip. This is not a gait.

What are the names of gaits?

the gaits of a horse are walk trot canter and gallop

Is skipping gait for a horse?

No, the gaits of a horse are walk trot canter gallop

Would you call someone who knows how to trot in saddle an intermidete?

No, an intermidete is someone that can walk, trot, canter and manage your horse perfectly. It takes alot of work for you to become an intermidete, but you can do it!

Which of these is not a horse gait trot skip walk canter?

skip horses can walk, trot, canter, gallop, jog and lope. obvious answer is skip

What is the average speed of a horse?

This depends on the type of horse. Some horses will be very forward and responsive but other horses will be slow and will plod along. They will mainly walk or trot in the field but will trot/canter if spooked or exited

What are the four paces of a horse?

Walk, Trot, Canter and Gallop

What are a horse's natural gaits?

walk, trot, canter, gallop

Which one of these is not a horse gait trot walk skip or canter?

Skip is not a horse gait

Which of these is not a horse gait skip canter walk trot?

skip is not a horse gait. these are all the gaits of a horse: walk, trot, canter, gallop. there are some neat five-gaited horses, but i cannot remember what their fifth gait is called. but i know it is not a skip

What is the difference between a canter and a trot?

There are 4 gaits that horses use:walktrotcantergallopA canter is one step up from a trot. Trotting is a two beat gait which is normally posted to, and the horse moves its legs in pairs. a canter is a 3 beat gait where the horse leads with either its right or left leg. a canter is faster than a trot.

Do you have to trot when showing a horse?

in most shows, yes. walk, trot and canter and the movements during halter classes.

What are four main gaits of a horse?


What do you call a horse's run?

The slowest is a walk, then a trot, canter, and the fastest is a gallop. Gaited horses have other gaits, but normally galloping is fastest.

Does a horse have to be trained to perform a gait?

No. The gaits of a horse are Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop. They do that in the wild

What are the four speeds of a horse?

The four main speeds of a horse are Walk, Trot, Canter and Gallop.

What are the dressage gaits?

Dressage tests generally require the three basic gaits: walk, trot, and canter. More advanced levels will also extended walk, trot, and canter where the horse increases the length of his stride without increasing his speed. The most advanced tests include the passage (a slow, animated trot) and piaffe (passage in place).