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Japan doesn't have football

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Q: What do they call Football in Japan?
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Who is Japan's football coach?

Japan doesn't have football.

Who is japan's best football player?

Honda is the best Japan football player!

When was Japan Football League created?

Japan Football League was created in 1999.

When was Japan Rugby Football Union created?

Japan Rugby Football Union was created in 1926.

Does japan have a football team?


Why do you call football football?

You call it football because you play with ball and kick the ball

Is football in Japan actually soccer?

It is called sakka in japan.

What do you call the people from Japan?

People from Japan are call "Japanese People".

How many times has Japan won the football World Cup?

Japan has never won the football world cup.

When was All Japan Senior Football Championship created?

All Japan Senior Football Championship was created in 1965.

When was All Japan Women's Football Championship created?

All Japan Women's Football Championship was created in 1979.

What do you call the game known as football in England?

We call it football. Other nations call it soccer.

Unofficial sport of Japan?


Who is the football manager of japan?

i dont no

What does most people call football?

Which Version? The US call American football-football and association football-soccer.In the UK we call association football-football,Rugby football-Rugby and American football a girl's game because of all the padding they wear!

Who is Japan's football manger?

Japan coach for 2010 is Takeshi Okada

What do you call football in french?


Is soccer the same thing as football?

In the USA football (NFL) is what we call American football in the UK. What is called soccer in the USA is what we call football.

What European football team is supported most in J Japan?

Liverpool football club is the most supported European team in japan.

What are three good facts about football team japan?

Three good facts about football team Japan are pass, speed and teamwork.

What do they call soccer in Iceland?

They call it football.

Who is Japan's football manager?

Takeshi Okada

Who is better at football Iran or japan?


What do you call a person who likes football?

A football fan.

What do the English call football from America?

American Football.