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the winner receives a gold medal, second place a silver medal and third place a bronze medal. All 3 also receive a bouquet/pose of flowers

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Q: What do the winners of each olympic event receive?
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Do Olympic medal winners get paid for each medal that they win?

No, they just accept the honour of being one of the best in the world at that event.

What do participants who achieve 4th to 8th in the Olympics receive?

The athletes in the first eight places in each Olympic event receive a diploma and public recognition. Only the first three receive medals.

What are the prizes for the Olympics?

There are three prizes given for each event at the Olympics. The winners receive gold medals. The second place finishers receive a silver medal. The third place finishers receive a bronze medal.

How many winners are in each event in the modern Olympics?


What does the winner of each event receive?


Olympic swimming who gets a medal?

The top three finishers in each event The top three finishers in each event

What is the amount paid to the English FA cup 2009 winners?

The winners of the final receive £2,000,000. They also receive prize money for each round that they win leading up to the final.

What does the 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners receive in the Olympics?

they receive gold medals, but each one gets to choose YEAHH!

How much did winners of first super bowl make?

For the 2012 season, each player will receive $80,000.

What are the top three winners in each event received?

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What prize was won in the Olympics?

If you mean what is the prize awarded for coming first in the Olympic games, this would be the gold medal. The medals awarded in each event are: Gold - first Silver - second Bronze - third In the ancient Olympics, winners were awarded a branch of wild olive. Sometimes the government would allow an Olympic champion to live in a special building that was only for distinguished citizens. Other winners would be exempt from paying taxes for winning an event in the ancient Olympics.

When are Olympic medals given out?

Olympic medals are awarded in a ceremony following the completion of each event, immediately following the certification of the results by the judges.

In what olympic event can man and woman go against each other or be on the same team?


What is the distance of each event in an olympic triathlon?

swim= 1.5km ride= 40km run=10km

How many winners were there for each event in the ancient greek Olympics?

4 Because they needed more respect ihfdr

How many olympic medals are there?

There are 3; gold, silver, and bronze medals are for first, second and third place winners in each category.

Do olympic medal winners with multiple medals awarded money per medal or is it one award?

i think they are awarded for each medal... i think they are awarded for each medal...

What is the Olympic points scoring system?

Each Olympic event has its own scoring system. Gymnastics are based on one to ten system that is determine by the judges.

Do olympic medal winners get paid of each metal they win?

Yes, but not by the International Olympic Committee. It's the various national sports organizations (including the local Olympic Committees) that give the athlethes prize money for medals won.

What does the winner receive in each event for the olyimpic games?

A gold medal and bragging rights.

What amount of money does the winner of the French Open title receive?

Both men and women winners get 1,060,000 Euros each.

What is the Olympic event in which men and women compete against each other?

Men and women do compete against one another in Olympic equestrian and sailing events.

What is strongly consistent global state?

Strongly conistent global state is a consisten global state in which for each send event, there is a corresponding receive event.A conistent global state is a consisten global state in which for each receive event, there is a corresponding sentevent.

What is the most difficult olympic event?

actually if we see each game then we can calculate that each game is difficult until someone don't became a professional.

What do you have to do to become an Olympic swimmer?

Make your national olympic cut times. Usually starting with making the national team. That itself takes many years of practice. You have to make a very fast Olympic Trial Cut, which only about 100 swimmers make in each event. Then to make the olympic team you have to place in the top two in the event.