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The stars on NFL jerseys simply means the person assigned that jersey is a captain. The number of stars is the amount of years they have been a captain.

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Q: What do the white and gold stars on an NFL jersey mean?
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What do the Gold stars on the Bayern Munich jersey mean?

Each gold star on Bayern's jersey represent 5 bundesligas (a professional association soccer league in Germany), so the 4 stars are for 20 German championships.

What is the three gold stars on inter milan jersey mean?

means the 3 European cups i think

What do the stars mean on Peyton Manning's jersey?

The stars on team captains jersey's (Peyton is a team captain) are white, but the first couple stars are usually yellow. This represents how long they've been captain.

What does WG mean on a gold necklace?

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What do the stars under the C on football jerseys mean?

The stars are for the years served as a captain for the respective team. With every year of captain service a white star is replaced with a gold star.

What do the stars mean on an NFL captains jersey?

Implemented in 2007, each gold star represents one year that player has been a captain. As an example, two gold stars represents two years as a captain. A player who has held the position of captain on two or more separate teams may have a gold star for each year, regardless of which team he is currently playing for.

What does gc mean on a white gold ring?

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What do the 4000 gold stars mean in the world war 2 memorial?

the gold stars in the world war 2 memorial represent family sacrifice.

What does mean of two tone 14k gold?

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What does S51 mean on 14k white gold ring?

The symbols S51 on a 14k white gold ring illustrate the purity of the gold.

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