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They warm up.

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Q: What do the saints do before every game?
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What do the saints say in before a game?

who dat

Why when you get a tattoo in saints row the third and then restart the game its not on you even when you save it before you restart it?

it is a glitch

How often does an nhl player tape his stick?

It depends usually before a game but not every player does it before every game and does it at different times.

What video game can you be a miner or thief in the game?

Saints row or saints row 2

Which saints were murderers?

Saints Vladimir and Olga were murderers before they were saints.

How do you put money in stash on saints row 2?

You get money from owning business and neighborhoods, it will refill every day in game

Who caught the interception in the NFC championship game between the Saints and Vikings?

There were two by the Saints. One was by Jonathan Vilma and the other just before the end of regulation was by Tracy Porter.

Is zombie uprising the only video game in saints row 2?

yes it is because iv looked at every store. on the video game. i did not find any more games. i asked allot of buy back and game stop workers but they all said. NO THERE ARE NO MORE THEN 1 GAME IN SAINTS ROW 2.

Who won the saints and the vikings game 2010 in the postseason?


Are all saints French?

No, there are saints from almost every country in the world.

How do you get in prices mansion in saints row 2?

You can get Saints Row 2 priced at eBay. This is a game.

What system was saints row 1 made for?

The Game Saints Row is an Xbox 360 game The PS3 release of the game was cancelled