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MHK is in honor of Mr. Kraft's wife who died this year. Kraft owns the Patriots and is highly respected by his players and staff.

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Q: What do the patches on the front of the jerseys mean today like - Eli's red and gold patch with the C that is underlined with stars and the Patriots MHK?
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Who are England's football team sponsors?

On the front of their jerseys is a nationwide insurance logo, they have umbro jerseys.

What did the New York Yankees jerseys look like in the 1950s-1960s?

Just as they do now. The Yankees wear white uniforms with Navy blue (looks almost black) pinstripes and the initial NY on the left breast at home. On the road the Yanks wear grey with New York in block print on the front of the jerseys. The only changes have been the sleeve patches through the years.

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Why do NFL players have at 50 year patch on their uniform?

2009 marks the 50th anniversary of the American Football League.The eight charter AFL franchises (Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans, San Diego Chargers, Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders and the Boston/New England Patriots) are wearing anniversary patches on the left front shoulder of their uniform jerseys to commemorate their 50th season.Common elements of all eight patches: the numbers 50, 1960 and 2009; and the team name and/or logo. The Chiefs patch includes at the top a graphic depiction of Texas, with a star where Dallas is, to honor their heritage as the Dallas Texans (1960-1962). The Titans patch includes at the far right a graphic depiction of an oil well, to honor their heritage as the Houston Oilers (1960-1996) and Tennessee Oilers (1997-1998).Patch depictions here:

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Why does the red wings have their c for captain on the right side of their jerseys?

Because if it were to be on the left side the wing on the front crest would either cover it or put the C in a awkward position on the jersey. They changed it when the jersey changed from CCM to Reebok.